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Tips & Tricks: Antiquing

Today’s video on Scrapbook LifeStyle is about distressing your scrapbook embellishments using tea.  What a neat idea, and it’s easy to do.  Just make a strong batch of tea (use 4 or 5 bags instead of one) and soak scrapbook elements in the tea for an aged look.  Scrapbook LifeStyle’s Melissa suggests using black tea or experimenting with other types of tea or even coffee for different effects.  In the video, she crumples up a paper tag and soaks it in the tea.  I like how the tag instantly looks like it has some history :).  

Here are some other antiquing techniques to try:

  • Rough up the edges of elements with sandpaper.  Actually, I’ve found that the best tool for this is an emery board (nail file). Chances are you have an unused one around that you can put to use for this method.  It is easier to hold and manipulate than sandpaper and usually has two different levels of grit.  Try using it on colored, textured cardstock to expose the white core of the paper.
  • Use ink to create a weathered look.  Drag the edges of your embellishments through black or brown ink.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, it will look more natural if it is a little messy.
  • Crumple or tear papers to make them look worn.  You can even curl up just the edges of an otherwise flat piece of paper.  The key is to only use one or two items with this technique on a page; if you have too many it will look overdone.
  • Once you’ve crumpled, torn or roughed up your elements, highlight the effect by adding some chalk.  Brush chalk (in natural colors like brown or tan) over the exposed white area of a torn or sanded edge, or over some of the raised edges where you’ve crumpled.
  • Try using a burning tool to burn the edges of paper or burn designs into a page using stencils.
  • You can even borrow painting techniques from the world of furniture distressing.  My personal favorite is this technique which uses “crackle medium” to make paint look like it is cracked and peeling.

There are plenty of websites out there with more tips, do a search using these words: antiquing; distressing; aging; vintage; shabby chic; weathered – you get the idea!

Here’s an article from with lots of ideas to try: Shabby Chic Scrapbooking

Also check out these project ideas from an episode of Scrapbooking on DIY network called: Antiquing/Vintage Techniques.

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