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Technique: Using an Element as a Shape Cutter.


Click here to see the credits for this page.  Some of the cool supplies I used were freebies found on other sites :).

Here’s a page I did for yet another Weeds & Wildflowers CT challenge :).  Can you tell I’m really into challenges lately?? Speaking of which, I just finished my first page for the “Stylin’ Idol” one!  I can’t show it to you until it’s time to start voting though ;). Anyway, I enjoyed making this, and I tried to really let my personality show in the page!

Tips & Tricks:

  • I used layers upon layers of elements to give the page an eclectic look.
  • Using the eyedropper tool in photoshop, I picked up some pink from a button and red and brown from the flowers to recolor several other elements on the page.
  • I turned the cool W&W freebie stamp into a brush so I could easily manipulate the size and color before placing it behind the photo.
  • In order to help it fit in with the rest of the page, I lightly “distressed” parts of my title with various eraser brushes.

Technique: Using an element as a shape cutter.

Using a torn cardboard element, I shaped the flower patterned paper along the left side of my page, to reveal the white lacy paper below. It was really simple to do in photoshop, and added to the shabby chic look :). Here’s what I did: with my flower paper aligned to the edge of my page, I placed the edge of my cardboard element right where I wanted the flower paper to be cut. With the cardboard layer still active, I used the magic wand tool to select the empty area between the cardboard and the left edge of the page (NOTE: the cardboard must be touching both the top and the bottom edges of the page in order for this to work).  Next I made my flower paper the active layer, and cleared the selection (some ways to do this are to press delete or select edit>clear). Then, I moved the cardboard layer behind the flower paper and rotated it a tiny bit and moved it to the left a little.  There you have it! There are MANY ways to use this idea – you just have get creative :).

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