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Technique: Altering Digital Elements

As much as I enjoyed making this page, I can’t take much credit for it! I created this page for a Weeds & Wildflowers CT challenge: to scraplift one of Dixi’s pages. It was difficult to choose just one to lift, because they are all SO inspiring :). But I ended up basing this page on this layout from Dixi’s gallery. And I can’t take credit for the great photos either, they belong to one of my online friends – I couldn’t resist making a page of her and her little cutie! 

I mostly used the Cosmos kit by Patricia (from W&W) for this page. For full credits, click here.

Tips & Tricks:

  • I converted the main photo to B&W, so I was able to use colorful papers and elements without trying to match the photo.
  • Even though I just used small strips of paper, they still have impact, because I chose ones with bold colors and patterns.
  • I turned one of the elements from the kit into a “photo” by placing it over a solid background and framing it.
  • In order to make room for a title, I made one of the frames look like a Polaroid by adding a rectangle shape to the bottom that matched the color of the frame. Then I used the clone stamp tool in photoshop to help it blend with the rest of the frame. 

Technique: Altering digital elements:

rose buds

I really love these little ribbon rose buds in the Cosmos kit! I couldn’t use just one, so I decided to make a little border out of them. But I thought it would look best if some had leaves that were pointing down, and some had leaves that were straight. Since all of the rose buds in the kit come with the leaves pointing down, I altered the leaves on the red rosebud. It was SOOO simple: with the red rosebud layer active, I just drew a selection around one of the leaves (using the lasso tool in photoshop), then I right-clicked inside the selection and chose “layer via cut”. This took the leaf I selected and placed it on its own layer. Then all I had to do was rotate the new layer into the position I wanted it in, by using the move tool! Then I made the rosebud layer active again and did the same thing with the other leaf.  When I was done, I merged the three layers together to create the altered element. If need instructions on how to link and/or merge layers, let me know – I’d be happy to help :).

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2 responses to “Technique: Altering Digital Elements

  1. Melissa June 27, 2007 at 11:55 am

    Lasso!!! Layering!!! Cutting! Something new again. Thank you!!!

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