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Vote For Me :)!

Here’s my first entry for the Stylin’ Idol Viewer Challenge :). I have to say I’m a bit nervous, because I’m up against some real pro (published) scrappers – I hope to at least make it through to the next challenge!! Please go vote for me – click here :)!!! To vote for my page, just choose the one that says “Jessica Gordon – You are Loved”. If you aren’t already a member of the Scrapbook Lifestyle forum, you will need to sign up to vote (it’s quick, easy and free!).

For Credits, Click Here :). 

Tips & Tricks:

  • The fabric covered chipboard letters on my page were actually part of a home decor item that I bought because I thought it could be a great scrapbooking embellishment :). The ribbons, buttons and paint are also things I had on hand that didn’t come from a scrapbook store.
  • I had fun dressing up the chipboard pieces, using paint and even a rub-on letter on the “L”. 
  • I wanted the paper “You” to match the rest of the title, so I drew it myself and cut it out by hand.  

Technique: Printing on small pieces of paper

If you have small bits of paper left over from previous projects (who doesn’t?), don’t toss them!  You can print on them even though they are way too small to run through your printer. Here’s what I do:

  1. I compose my text in word or photoshop, leaving spaces between words large enough to cut around, if need be.
  2. I print a “test run” on a regular piece of paper – this is a great way to make use of those unneeded papers left over from printing directions, etc.
  3. Using re-positionable adhesive, I place the scraps of paper over the words on the original print-out.
  4. Then I just run the whole thing through the printer again, exactly as I did the first time. When they are finished printing, I just remove the pieces from the print-out paper and stick them on my page. Try it :).

OK, now don’t forget to go vote for me :)!! Choose: Jessica Gordon -You are Loved  :)!!!

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