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Occasions – XL Collection by Shabby Princess; Review Part 5

Well, I guess it’s time to wrap up “Shabby Princess Week” :). I have had almost as much fun telling you all about my projects using the Occasions XL- Collection as I did making them :)! I know some of my readers aren’t the types to do hybrid projects, so the topic of this post is just for you – the scrapbook pages!! OK…. and I HAD to throw ONE more hybrid project in there too LOL :)!

Page 1

Digital Scrapbook Page

Page 2

Digital Scrapbook Page

Credits   Everything is from the Occasions XL- Collection by Shabby Princess! Fonts: Amaze (Page One), Marvelouz DSG and 2 Peas Goofball (Page Two)

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

  • On Page 1, the curled edges are part of the background paper. I made it look like some of the paper strips I used on the page are tucked under the curl by using the eraser tool with a small, soft edged brush to erase away the portions of the paper strips that were overlapping the curls. The trick is to actually erase a tiny bit of the paper that isn’t even overlapping, so that the shadow of the paper curl shows through a bit. You might want to use a Layer Mask for this technique, instead of the eraser if you are a bit unsure of yourself.
  • Sometimes it’s fun to create the look of stacked photos on your page (Page 1). Just create a few duplicates of the photo layer and tilt the different layers slightly off-center. Don’t forget to add drop shadows to all the layers :)!
  • I turned the “Make a Wish” word art into a brush, and used white as my foreground color to stamp the cool design on the black strip on paper at the bottom of Page 1.
  • I played around with different sizes and orientations of the three “ones” on Page 2, to achieve a kind of graphic looking title.

Technique: How to Wrap a Digital Ribbon Around a Photo

Here’s a simple way to make a ribbon look like it is wrapped around a photo on your page (as seen on Page 1).

Step 1  Place your digital ribbon in a layer above the layer the photo is on. Reposition, re-size and/or crop the ribbon as needed until the ends of the ribbon hang slightly over the edges of the photo.

Step 2  Using the burn tool set to the midtones range, darken the ends of the ribbon. The very end should be the darkest, and it should get progressively lighter until the point where the edge of the photo begins. I used a small, soft brush set to 50% exposure, but the settings will vary depending on the size, texture and color of your ribbon. That’s all there is to it!

Ribbon Wrap BeforeAfter Using Burn Tool

ETA: I just remembered about this post about wrapping ribbons – it’s worth checking out! Also – if you like freebies, you will LOVE this girl :)!! 

Last, But Not Least, Hybrid Thank You Cards!

The final project I wanted to show you is this batch of thank you cards I made – I just placed the “Thank U” stamp over a blue polka-dot rectangle, used edit>stroke to outline the stamp in white, and printed a bunch of those out. Then I used scallop edged scissors to trim the borders, and adhered them to the cards with the matted photo on top!

Thank You Cards

On that note, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Shabby Princess for this awesome collection – which really made my little guy’s birthday great – and for all the other wonderful GIFTS she has shared over the last few years! Thanks girl, you’re the best!!

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