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Scrappin’ Jobs Interview: Angela Daniels

Angela DanielsI’ve always loved Better Homes and Gardens, so of course I love their Scrapbooking Magazine, Scrapbooks Etc. I was browsing the website one day and came across the online show, Scrapbook Lifestyle. This is where I first saw Angela in action, along with a whole cast of other talented scrapbookers. Since then I have discovered that Angela has plenty of other scrap-related jobs and experience as well – just check out her Scrapbook Resume! I’m so happy Angela is willing to share her experiences with us – I enjoyed learning about her life in the scrapping industry, and I know you will too :). Be sure to check out her gallery and the other cool places to find her online, which are listed at the end of this interview! 

What is your scrappin’ job, and how does it involve scrapbooking?

I am the executive editor for the Better Homes and Garden’s Scrapbooks Etc. sponsored show, Scrapbook Lifestyle. I am also a designer and host on the show so I get to split my time in front of and behind the camera. I also create and edit the content for the show’s official blog. In addition to that, I teach classes at my local scrapbook store, do freelance design work for C & T publishing, write color theory articles for I am also on the design team for Avery Personal Creations. AND I also try to submit layouts and projects to magazines whenever I have free time. As if that wasn’t enough, my friends have talked me into being their personal connection by having me sell Stampin’ Up! and my new most exciting find, Uppercase Living wall words- finally something for scrap space decorating!

How did your scrappin’ job come about?

My main job working with Scrapbook LifeStyle came about 2 years ago when I saw a posting for an open-call audition. I was new to the whole scrapbooking as a profession idea but I thought my pre-mom years working as a corporate trainer might have trained me well for being on camera.

What made you think this job was for you?

I loved my job training adults in the corporate world AND I have always loved being creative and working with paper and colors. As soon as I discovered that I might be able to do BOTH at the same time AND still keep my primary focus on being a stay-at-home mom, I was determined to give it a try.

Where are most of your work hours spent (at home / away, etc)?

Luckily, I am able to do the majority of everything I do right here from home. I can even do most of it late at night so it impacts my family as little as possible.

What kind of hours do you work: Weekdays 9 to 5? Weekends? Anytime?

It really depends on the week. I add an entry to the Scrapbook LifeStyle blog every week day but often, I can do this quickly, right after my kids go to bed. When we’re preparing for a new season of the show, I cut down on my fun internet surfing (and TV watching) and focus on finding guests and working with them to create interesting stories for our show.

What is your favorite thing about this job?

I have really enjoyed meeting other people who share my enthusiasm for such a fun hobby.

What is your least favorite thing about this job?

I can’t think of a thing. I enjoy each job I have. Well, except having to mail freelance projects off in the mail. My post office is a nightmare!

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into this area of work?

The most important thing when it comes to trying to get any job in scrapbooking is to be NICE and friendly. Networking is a large part of what we all do and I have met people one year and find myself working with them one or two years later. The other tip I have is to do your homework- if you want to write or have projects published, really get to know the magazine you are interested in submitting to. Each one has it’s own personality and you really will have to have work that stands out to each individual set of editors.

Let’s talk income. On average, your job provides:
      a) Lot’s of fun, minimal income.
      b) Enough to support your scrappin’ habit.
      c) Some extra spending money for the family.
      d) A substantial second income for your family.
      e) Your family’s primary income.

c) Some extra spending money for the family. Eventually, I might have more time to make more money but I’m much happier being available for all of my kid’s after school activities and spending weekends with my family.

What inspires you most creatively?

I am most inspired by the beautiful products each scrapbook company comes out with every buying season. Like most scrappers, I can spend 10 minutes extolling the virtues of a single piece of paper when I find one that strikes my fancy.

What is your scrappin’ style?

I like to say clean, eclectic. I admire scrappers who have a solid body of work that has a cohesive look but I can’t seem to pull it off. Some days, I am in a messy, sewing mood, other days I want to make everything very plain and graphic looking. The only thing that seems to remain constant for me is that I like to use brighter colors.

What is/are your favorite scrapbooking product(s)?

I usually say my bone folder. Really. It’s not exactly beautiful but I can’t seem to do a project without it. I’m also a big fan of any new organizational gadget.

What are your favorite pictures to scrap?

I love to scrap my best, in focus photos of my kids. I take a LOT of photos but I don’t feel like I have to scrap very many of them. I’m happy to get a sampling of who they are at each age.

What is the most difficult thing for you to scrap?

I am not very good at scrapping multi photo pages just for the sake of getting more photos on a page. To me, I can sum up a birthday in about one or two photos and feel I’ve captured the event pretty well.

Why did you start scrappin’?

I started scrapping when I was about 7 years-old because I have a tiny bit of a pack-rat personality, I think. I wanted some place to memorialize my Charlie’s Angel and Star Wars cards if I recall correctly.

What keeps you scrappin’?

Each time my kids really like a page I’ve done of them, I get a fresh wave of motivation. Currently, my son likes to carry around a page I did of his big secret. That makes me happy.

Where do you see your scrapbooks in 50 years?

Honestly, I think there are going to be some great garage sales in the future. I’m not sure everyone in the future generations will appreciate all the work we scrappers are doing right now but then there will be resurgence again. All of this goes in cycles. I just hope I’m spry enough to be out at all the garage sales scooping these treasures up!

Do you scrap in:
     a) 100% paper?
     b) 100% digital?
     c) Mostly paper, some digital?
     d) Mostly digital, some paper?
     e) Pretty equal paper and digital?

c) Mostly paper, some digital

What is your favorite scrappin’ tip?

The tip I find myself repeating often is, “You don’t have to scrap chronologically.” So many of my friends use to do this and I could see that they weren’t really enjoying their scrapping time. They were making it seem like a chore. I’ve convinced them to take a break sometimes and scrap a favorite current photo, just for fun- even if they still feel like they HAVE to keep going in order to feel “done.” Being “caught up” is not something I personally ever worry about. I scrap for fun.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just that – I hope everyone reading this is enjoying scrapping. If it starts to feel like a chore, you should step back, take a fun class, scrap something silly, scrap something about yourself- anything to get back to the heart of this hobby- the fun part.

Thanks Ang! I totally agree about the whole chronological scrapping thing!! I have SO much more fun when I scrap what inspires me at the moment :)!

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