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Just a Quick Note…

… to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for all of your nice emails and comments here and at 4shared!!! Wow, what a bunch of sweeties you all are :)!!! I usually try to respond to all the comments and emails, but I have been too busy lately, so I just wanted to make sure everyone knows how much  I really and truly appreciate each and every kind word!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Curled Edges Preview Several people had questions about how to use the curled edges. You can read a tutorial I wrote about 6 months ago, plus grab my other set of curled edge freebies (even learn how to make your own) here: Technique: Digital Curled Edges How-to (AND Freebie!). Even though I have learned a lot since I wrote that article, I think the basics are all there :). Maybe I will write another, more up-to-date tutorial sometime too, but for now I hope that one will help!

I have a TON of other things I want to tell you about, but like I said, I’m pretty busy right now! Hopefully I will get a chance soon :).

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