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WW Discovering You – Redo!

While I’m on a roll getting caught up with blog posts today, I thought I’d show you a Weeds and Wildflowers page I hadn’t had a chance to blog about. Heidi Williams revamped her kit Discovering You: she made some improvements here and there, added some things and refreshed the look by adding some pink (who can argue with that? LOL!). I got a lot of use out of the first version, and I know I will get even MORE out of this one :). Here’s a page I made using Discovering You: Revised:

So Beautiful

*Click Here For Credits*

Photo Texturizing Technique (Photoshop)

WW Discovering You Paper

Using a coordinating paper from the kit (shown at left), I had fun playing with a technique for adding some texture to my photo on this page. First I changed the paper to black and white (shown below, left), and increased the brightness and contract a bit. Depending on the pattern and texture of the paper you use, you may need to vary your adjustments a bit, but basically you are trying to create an interesting black and white texture that will work nicely with your photo. Some papers and/or photos will work better than others, so you will just have to experiment a bit :). Next I Photo Texture from WW Paperplaced the black and white texture in a new layer over the photo. Then, all I did was to go into the layers palette, and change the blend mode to soft light, and the opacity to about 23%. Try other blend modes and opacities too – there are lots of different possible effects! TIP: Another technique I used for this photo was to lightly “burn” the edges with the burn tool (from the tool palette), set to a very low opacity and using a large, soft brush.  It just helps draw your eye into the center of the photo a bit :). If you try this technique out, let me know – I’d love to see what kinds of results you can get :)!

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3 responses to “WW Discovering You – Redo!

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  2. Mom May 4, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    My, my, you’ve been busy since we’ve been gone. I love what I see of what you’ve done with photos from our time with you.

    Love, Mom

  3. Melinda May 4, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    Neat idea, Jess- I hadn’t thought about using the papers from a kit that way! Love your flower challenge LO too!

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