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Inspiration from Inspire Company

Inspire Company

Sometimes it’s a good idea to look outside the immediate circle of your scrapbooking world to find some great inspiration! I have been a fan of Inspire Company for years, and have read Amy’s blog almost since the very beginning. I’ve always loved how creative she is, and that she manages to share so many of her creative ideas with others. I don’t know how she has found the time to make so many delightful pieces of art, and still run her charming online shop, plus sell even more of her beautiful creations at The Cottage, which I was lucky enough to visit last time I was in Virginia (photo at left), AND have time to blog about everything and design the prettiest little magazine to spark all kinds of creativity in others too! On top of all of this, she and her husband have also recently become foster parents – what a wonderfully generous soul :)! OK, now that you know how much I {heart} Inspire Company – let’s get on to the actual inspiration, shall we? A while back, I showed you my new inspiration journal, but I didn’t tell you what motivated me to make it – Amy’s new *FREE* online magazine: Inspired Ideas. She has released three issues so far, and each one contains a new project for your creativity journal. There are other projects in the magazine too – in fact, the whole thing is just a wealth of bright ideas! Here are some of the Inspired Ideas projects I’ve made so far:

From Volume 1, No. 1: Make a Cake

Ribbon Cake Card

*Click Here For Credits*

From Volume 1, No. 2: May Day! May Day!

Mar Day Vase

*Click Here For Credits*

From Volume 1, No. 2: Flower Girls

Flower Girls

Flower Girls Details

*Click Here For Credits*

From Volume 1, No. 2: Princess and the Pea

Princess and the Pea Bed

(Credits: Lots of scraps from all over my scraproom LOL! Just ask if you’re dying to know where I got something, OK?)

See what I mean? Inspiration galore! Amy provides detailed instructions for all of these projects in the magazine, which I followed pretty closely, except that I printed the May Day vase decorations and the Princess and the Pea bed on ink jet transparencies to make my life a tad bit easier :). Anyway, I hope you’ll check Inspire Company out, if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed!!

P.S. Amy, if you’re reading this – I’m ready for the next edition of Inspired Ideas now ;)!!

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3 responses to “Inspiration from Inspire Company

  1. Zakirah May 13, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    very creative and outside of the box! TFS!

  2. Catherine May 18, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Wow love all these Jess, especially the flower girls, so adorable! thanks for the link and the inspiration!

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