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Journaling reads: In my opinion, one of the best ways to experience Connecticut’s beautiful fall foliage is by taking a drive along the scenic byway, route 169. I have made many great memories and taken so many photos along this route! Route 169 doesn’t start in Brooklyn, but that is where we often start our journey because that’s where my childhood home was, and it’s where my family still lives today. The two photos above are not actually along 169, they are just within walking distance of my parent’s house, and they give you a feel for the types of fall views Brooklyn has to offer. The photos on the opposite page are some of the landmarks along 169 in Brooklyn (those photos weren’t taken in the fall). As you can see, Brooklyn is a typical small New England town filled with history and beauty!

On some of the pages, you can see some white imperfections along the binding. At the time I received this book, I didn’t realize this was out of the ordinary, so i didn’t request a new book. I now know that Shutterfly would have replaced my book, because this is a printing error. I have never encountered this problem in any other book I’ve had printed through Shutterfly. Even though Shutterfly did offer to reprint the book for me when I called about it many months later, I decided not to go through the hassle, because it doesn’t really bother me anyway.

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