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Christmas Gift Bag Craft

I was able to squeeze some crafting fun into our busy weekend, so I have a cute project to share with you :).

These little Christmas ornament gift bags were so simple to make and don’t require many supplies.

I used plain white gift bags, craft paint, some leftover scraps of craft foam to make stamps, and some awesome decorative Duck tape!

The paint bottles became the stamping tools when I used them to trace circles of craft foam to adhere to the base for a stamp.

My four year old son enjoyed helping me stamp polka dots onto the bags. When they were dry, I trimmed the tops of the bags with the decorative tape and used a sharpie to doodle ornament shapes around the dots.  I even made some gift wrap using this method too. Super easy and we love the result!

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3 responses to “Christmas Gift Bag Craft

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  3. Melissa December 7, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    What a beautiful craft, and a very cute photo of your little boy, as well! Thanks for sharing.

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