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100 Days of Summer Scrapbooking {Day 1: Intro}

Even though spring isn’t officially over yet, sunshine and warm weather in my little corner of the world has me already planning ahead for sunny summer days with my family. If fitting in time for scrapbooking has been tough during the school year, I can only imagine how it will be this summer. That’s how I came up with an idea to try to motivate myself to keep up with scrapbooking throughout the summer, while *hopefully* also catching up on summer scrapbook pages I never got around to in past years.  For the next 100 Days (ending on August 26, my birthday), I plan to dedicate all posts here at Scrapbook Ideas to summer scrapbooking themes! I thought it also might be fun to share layouts from some of my older scrapbooks I’ve never shared here before :). I will not be posting every day, but when I do, you can expect to see some summer scrapbook ideas!

Care to join me? I really want to create a great source of Summer Scrapbooking Inspiration here at Scrapbook Ideas. If you have scrapbook layouts (paper or digital) with summer themes (think vacations, camp, VBS, beach, Independence Day, BBQ etc) that you’d like to share with us – please get in touch!  I’m also interested in guest posts with summer themed tutorials and inspiration. This will be so much fun :)!

OK, ready for the first “summer” scrapbook page? Actually, the photos were not taken in the summertime, they’re from October 2003, during my honeymoon in Aruba! I just thought you’d like to see a page from my first real scrapbook (not including the type I used to make growing up). Now you will see where the photo from my “About” page is from :)!

Yes, I know I’m revealing how out-of-date my about page photo is, but now you see why I love it – it reminds me of a very happy time in my life, plus it’s from my first scrapbook – how perfect is that? Gotta love looking back on those early scrapbook pages – it’s fun to see how my style has changed in the past several years :)!

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2 responses to “100 Days of Summer Scrapbooking {Day 1: Intro}

  1. Doris Ganzhorn May 20, 2012 at 8:17 am

    So lovely and a great way to use memorabilia.

    • Jess May 20, 2012 at 1:44 pm

      Thanks Doris :)! The number one reason I still make paper scrapbook albums in addition to digital pages and photo books, is because I love to have a place to keep my travel memorabilia :).

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