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Starburst Paper Tutorial, Plus Another Chance to Win!

Firstly, I wanted to let you all know that there is a contest going on at Sunshine Studio Scraps with a chance to win my Christmas Heart kit :)! Click Here to Check it Out :)!

I have been so focused on hybrid crafts that I haven’t talked much about digi scrapping lately. I finished up another page for my scrapblog book today, so I thought I’d share a quick tutorial :)!!

Scrapblog Christmas Book Page

Credits: Christmas Heart kit and Christmas Heart quick page, by Jess Gordon, available here. Fonts: Cry Kitty and Problem Secretary.

Create a Starburst Look with Solid Papers

Papers with a starburst pattern on them are so fun, and they’re great for emphasizing part of your page, as I have done in the layout above. To get this look using a simple solid paper I followed these steps:

  1. Open the solid paper in photoshop.
  2. Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, draw out some selections for the “rays” for your starburst. Draw the first ray, making a closed shape (it will have marching ants around it when you are finished). Holding down the shift key, draw the rest of the rays. You only need to draw the lighter colored rays. You can be a perfectionist and make sure all the rays meet perfectly in the center, or you can just make rough shapes like I did :).
  3. After step 2, you should have all of your light colored rays selected (outlined with marching ants). Right click inside one of the selections, and choose “layer via copy”
  4. Change the blend mode of the new layer you just created to “screen”, and adjust the opacity to your liking (I used 63% for this example).

That’s it – have fun :)!!!

Win an Issue of Bella Scraps Magazine!

As always, I am amaaaazed at all of the ideas, beauty, and pure inspiration I found in the latest issue of Bella Scraps Magazine!!! The issue contains 76 gorgeous pages filled with ideas and how-tos. There are plenty of hybrid gift/wrapping ideas to get your creative juices flowing, including several from yours truly ;). And you will also have access to the free download – a beautiful kit by Vicki Stegall. To find out more about this issue and for your chance to win it for FREE, check out this post at DST :).1bsm_1108_600

Awesome Contest!

pcLayers Contestreeeeeeeeally want a Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR camera!!! I LOVE Canon. My parents gave me a Canon Sure Shot point and shoot film camera in 2000, then my husband got me a Canon PowerShot digital point and shoot in 2004, which I broke, so we upgraded to the PowerShot A85, which is what I still have right now. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is a nice camera. But it only has 4 mega pixels, and now that Gabe is a toddler, he’s moving around pretty fast and I’m finding it very difficult to get good photos of him with the camera I have right now. The Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR would change all that!!! I can only imagine the wonderful photos that would grace my scrapbook pages if I had an awesome camera like that. I might even get some shots worthy of framing in all my vacant photo frames waiting to be hung on my bare walls :)! Oh I want that camera soooooo bad!!!

Anyway, that’s why I was so excited to find out about this contest. For each day I enter a digital scrapbook page into the contest, using products from, I get another “ticket” in the raffle to win the camera. Oh how happy I would be!!! Plus there are lots of other fantastic prizes for the actual contest too! Check it out: Click here to read about the contest at!

I have been entering a page every day since I found out about the contest, let’s see how long I can keep it up :)! I even won a $10 gift card to pcLayers for displaying their contest blinkie, fun fun! Here is a slide show of the pages I’ve made for the contest:

You should join in the fun too (but if you win the camera, you can give it to me for Christmas, okay?)!

Two Page Layouts

When you create your scrapbook pages, do you make them with a facing page in mind, or as a single, stand-alone page? I have noticed that there is a trend toward creating solitary scrapbook pages, especially in the world of digital scrapbooking. But it really does look much better to have a two-page spread if you plan on putting your pages in a scrapbook.

Angie’s Calendar If you are in need of a little push to motivate you to get back into double page scrapping, then you simply must go check out Angie’s (you know, Ikeagoddess?) challenge going on at The Meadow! Everyone who participates will get this AWESOME calendar that Angie made, using W&W goodies! Plus one lucky winner will get a W&W gift card, yippee! She also challenged us to use Heidi’s new kit, Warming the Heart, which I just  LOVE LOVE LOVE :)! Plus, it’s on sale for 20% off right now :)!!

You’ll have to hurry though, the challenge ends at midnight on Saturday!

Here are the pages I contributed :)! *Click images for journaling and credits*

Tomorrow (both pages)

Tomorrow (page one)

Tomorrow (page two)

Have fun :)!

My Entry for SBLS Challenge #3

Here is my two page layout for the third Scrapbook Lifestyle Viewer Challenge.  I really got creative with ribbon on this one :)!

Our Family

Our Family

Our Family

Credits Everything I used is from the Mulberry Lane set by Nancie Rowe Janitz from Fancy Pants Designs, except the cardstock, ribbons and mini brads. I used latex paint for the white hearts and a Black fine tip pen by Creative Memories for the writing and doodling. Font: Batik.

I am so happy with how these pages turned out, and I have LOTS to share with you about my process (three whole techniques this time)! These photos really don’t do the pages justice, so I hope my descriptions will help paint a better picture :).

Tips & Tricks

  • These lovely papers have a beautifully worn look to them, so I carried out that theme on the pages by using tearing, sanding and curled edges.
  • I used the shape tool in photoshop to draw out the two different sized heart shapes, then I printed them, cut them out and used them as templates to cut my patterned papers and photo.
  • I used foam squares to add a little “pop” to the smaller accent hearts on the two pages.
  • Inspired by all the swirls and flourishes in the patterned papers and accents, I doodled my own decorative swirls in the journaling circle.
  • Knotting the ends of short lengths of grosgrain ribbon added interesting texture and also made it easier to line the circle than using one long piece of ribbon.

Technique: Use Brads to Attach Gathered Ribbon

I love the look of bunched up ribbon on a page, and I’ve seen many use sewing to achieve this look. Because I don’t own a sewing machine (yet), I decided to improvise! Before I started, I did a little test-run using scraps of paper, cardstock and ribbon. I’m sure different types of paper and ribbon will yield different results. Satisfied with my method, I estimated how much ribbon I would need to complete the entire heart shape. I believe it took about twice as much ribbon as the actual size of the heart, due to all the gathering and folding. Then I used my hole punching tool (that came in my Making Memories Tool Kit) to punch tiny holes about 1 to 1.5 inches apart all the way around the heart. Next, I would gather or fold up some ribbon, and force the mini brad through. Then I just placed the brad into the pre-made hole and opened it up to secure the ribbon in place. To overlap sections of ribbon, I would force the brad though the gathered part first, then the end of the next section of ribbon before placing it in the hole. In a few spots I used my Creative Memories mini tape runner to secure the ribbon down where it wasn’t staying in place. That’s it!

Technique: Print Text in a Journaling Circle

I wanted my printed text to be positioned just right, so here is what I did:

  1. I measured on my page to see how big I wanted my journaling circle to be.
  2. In photoshop, with my grid turned on, I drew a white circle to the desired dimensions (using the shape tool). If you hold down the shift key while drawing, it be a perfect circle. BONUS TIP: to reposition your shape while still drawing, just press the space bar (without releasing the shift key or the mouse key) and reposition using the mouse, then release the space bar to continue drawing.
  3. Once the circle is drawn, you can use edit>stroke to add a thin black line (a few pixels) around the shape so you will have a cutting guide once it’s printed.
  4. Next, I just positioned a text box inside the circle where I wanted it and added my journaling, then printed the whole thing out on cardstock!    

Technique: Improvise Your Own Stencils

I have some latex paint in my “scrap studio” left over from a previous project, that I like to incorporate into my scrapbooking from time to time. In this case, I simply used a heart cut-out (left behind when I popped out one of the heart embellishments) as an improvised stencil. I positioned the stencil over the cardstock, dipped a make-up sponge into the latex paint (wiping off the excess paint) and dabbed the sponge over the stencil. Simple and free :). This technique could work with punched-out chipboard too – I’m sure there are all kinds of possibilities out there. If you know of one, please share it!!

More Info RE: SBLS Challenge

** EDITED to add: YAY! I made it to the next round, THANKS everyone!!!** 

A sweet friend contacted me to tell me she was having trouble voting in the SBLS Challenge, and I realized that I forgot to mention an important piece of information! Before you vote, you must be logged into the forum. If you don’t already have a login name, you can get one for free by clicking on the (tiny) word “join” on the top right side of the screen :). Thanks again for all your votes, I am facing some very tough competition!!  

SBLS Challenge: Multiple Photos (Vote for Me!)

Thanks again to all of you who voted for me and helped me make it to the second round of the Stylin’ Idol challenge at Scrapbook Lifestyle!

I have completed my layout for the next challenge, so if you’d like to vote for me (*wink*) for the next round, ~Click Here~ and vote for “Jessica Gordon – Our Wedding Party.” The challenge was to 1) create a one or two page layout using at least four photos, 2) be creative and 3) see how many photos we could fit on a page. Here is my entry: 




Credits Patterned papers by Anna Griffin; cardstock by Canson, Old Olive ink by Stampin’ Up; monogram stickers by Creative Memories; metal accents by K and Company, page pebbles by Making Memories; Font: Beautiful ES; other: ribbon and double-sided patterned cardstock.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Because it was important to get all my measurements just right, I planned everything out with a sketch before I began.
  • I thought the first page might look too busy if I labeled each photo, so I just numbered most of them and put all of the information in a column on the second page.  
  • In order to get the top row and bottom row of photos to all face the same direction, I reversed some in photoshop before printing. Even though I already had prints of many of these photos, I edited and sized them in photoshop and reprinted them to make sure they would match perfectly.
  • To achieve a more formal look on the first page, I used black and white photos that were all taken in similar locations at around the same time, and I tried to make sure they were all zoomed in at about the same size. The second page has more casual, color photos.

Technique: Create mini accordion albums for extra photos and journaling 

If you enjoy hidden journaling, you will want to try this easy and fun method for adding extra surface area to your page.

CloseUpTo make my mini albums, I simply used double-sided patterned cardstock cut into 2×6 inch strips. I used the scoring tool that fits on my paper trimmer to add vertical creases every 1.5 inches along the strip, then I fan-folded the paper strip at each crease (3 folds creating 4 panels). I attached a piece of ribbon to the back of the last panel and adhered the panel to the page.  When the mini album is open to the left, 4 panels are showing and 3 are showing when it is open to the right – plenty of little spots for extra photos, journaling and embellishments! The ribbon holds the album in place when it is closed. I think another neat way to keep the mini albums closed would be to use photo turns. Also try experimenting with different sizes and shapes!

OK, now that you see how much heart I have put into this challenge, don’t you want to go vote for my layout ;)?! Also, be sure to check out all of the other awesome layouts in the gallery!

Weeds and Wildflowers Update!

Wow – I have been traveling since last Thursday, and yesterday was my first day home – and just LOOK at all of the wonderful new products that have been released by Weeds and Wildflowers!!! Click the images to see more info :).

Being Me


Feeling Blue

Super Stars

I still haven’t shown you the 3 projects I have made recently with their other new releases! I just LOVE being on their creative team!!! 

Also: THANKS SO MUCH to all of you who voted for me in the “Stylin’ Idol” challenge (see below)! I made it to the next round – phew! But now I have to get going on my next challenge, a page using multiple photos… 

Vote For Me :)!

Here’s my first entry for the Stylin’ Idol Viewer Challenge :). I have to say I’m a bit nervous, because I’m up against some real pro (published) scrappers – I hope to at least make it through to the next challenge!! Please go vote for me – click here :)!!! To vote for my page, just choose the one that says “Jessica Gordon – You are Loved”. If you aren’t already a member of the Scrapbook Lifestyle forum, you will need to sign up to vote (it’s quick, easy and free!).

For Credits, Click Here :). 

Tips & Tricks:

  • The fabric covered chipboard letters on my page were actually part of a home decor item that I bought because I thought it could be a great scrapbooking embellishment :). The ribbons, buttons and paint are also things I had on hand that didn’t come from a scrapbook store.
  • I had fun dressing up the chipboard pieces, using paint and even a rub-on letter on the “L”. 
  • I wanted the paper “You” to match the rest of the title, so I drew it myself and cut it out by hand.  

Technique: Printing on small pieces of paper

If you have small bits of paper left over from previous projects (who doesn’t?), don’t toss them!  You can print on them even though they are way too small to run through your printer. Here’s what I do:

  1. I compose my text in word or photoshop, leaving spaces between words large enough to cut around, if need be.
  2. I print a “test run” on a regular piece of paper – this is a great way to make use of those unneeded papers left over from printing directions, etc.
  3. Using re-positionable adhesive, I place the scraps of paper over the words on the original print-out.
  4. Then I just run the whole thing through the printer again, exactly as I did the first time. When they are finished printing, I just remove the pieces from the print-out paper and stick them on my page. Try it :).

OK, now don’t forget to go vote for me :)!! Choose: Jessica Gordon -You are Loved  :)!!!

Celebrate Scrapbooking Party!

seaside-cottage-preview.jpgJoin the fun today at the Celebrate Scrapbooking Party! Everyone who participates will be able to download my Seaside Cottage digital scrapbook kit as a little party favor :).  AND you have the chance to win some awesome prizes!! Check out this prize list!! I have my eye on some of those accordion albums – I’m addicted to those things :). And Carolyn has fun and contests planned for the whole day – you won’t want to miss it :).


I’ve had a lot of fun “meeting” and learning about several people from the party so far.  I have been kind of in and out today, so I haven’t had a chance to participate in the games, and I have company coming over for dinner in about 15 minutes, so I will have to take a break for now. In the meantime, check out the blogs of some of the ladies I have met today (sorry I didn’t get to everyone yet)!   

People I’ve Visited With Today at the Party:

Wendy: She won a prize for sharing a sweet photo of herself and her baby. And I won the cute stamp set she donated as a prize!!!

Karla: She loves to give scrappin’ gifts, just like I do :).

Carey:  What a nice blog, “Sunny Days at the Beach” (I wish I was at the beach right now…)

Terri (flipflopmom):  Cool blog with an awesome flip flop photo :).

Haley:  Soon to be new SAHM!!!

Rae:  Soon to be married!!!

Summer:  She has a really funny Palooza head animation on her blog!

Sherri: “Scrapping Heaven (or not) blog” – My BHG Scrapbooks etc. friend :).

Tasra: She has one of my favorite scrappin’ blogs (& jobs)!

Jan: She is all about this cool digital scrapping software called Lifetimez, and she made a rockin’ page with it using my kit :)!!


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