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Featured Scrapper: Cindy Gilchrist!

Cindy Gilchrist If you’re anything like me, you are going to just LOVE the next featured scrapper, Cindy Gilchrist! Cindy’s altered creations are bright, bold and cheerful – I’m always happier after I visit her blog or gallery :). And of course I love the fact that she is a hybrid scrapper like me  – she currently serves on the hybrid teams for Sweet Shoppe Designs and Prima Hybrid. She’s also the Hybrid Editor for Digi Shop Talk’s monthly newsletter called the “Insider” and she’s on the design team for My Creative Scrapbook, a traditional scrapbooking kit club. Check out her impressive scrapbook resume to see a list of her published work.

I recently interviewed Cindy, and learned even more fun tid-bits :)! Check it out:

Is there anything about yourself and your family that you’d like to share with other scrappers?

I live in Naples, FL with my husband of 12 years (Joe), 8 year old daughter (Katie) and two cats (Daisy and Prissy).

When did you start scrapbooking/altering? What first made you interested in this hobby?

I began scrapbooking before I got married so I guess it’s been about 15 years. About 8 years ago, around the time my daughter was born, I started dabbling in digital scrapbooking and card-making (we called it “computer art” then). I think my first “real” digital scrapbook kit was by Shabby Princess about three years ago. I love all types of crafts and think I’ve tried every craft out there (from basket weaving to soap-making to knitting). Paper crafts, specifically card-making and altered art just “fit” and have always been my favorites.

I know you’re a hybrid scrapper, so you use traditional and digital methods. Did you start out as a paper scrapper or digital? What made you want to try hybrid?

I guess I sort of answered that above – going Hybrid was easy for me, I knew my way around a computer enough to be able to work with digi and I just couldn’t resist all the adorable digital kits out there. Plus, living in a town that has no LSS and the fact that you have instant access….need I say more?!

Where do you get your best inspiration and ideas for scrapbooking?

There are a couple of things that inspire me, one being necessity another being want. I love to look at catalogs and window shop to get ideas and inspiration. If I see something for sale that I want or need and it can be made, I go home and try to create it. I like to look at items and think “what can I do with this”?

Do you have any favorite books, magazines or websites that are especially helpful?

My favorite magazines are Paper Crafts, Digital Scrapbooking and Paper Trends. I love to look at them but don’t really use them for inspiration. I guess if I had to pick a medium that offered the most inspiration; it would be the blogs I have listed on my blog. Those are the ones I visit the most and find inspiring.

You have a real talent for altering anything and everything into gorgeous scrappy treasures. Can you share a few tips about how to make great altered projects?

What a nice thing to say! Thank You! I guess a few tips and secrets are (they’re pretty random):

· I use a color laser printer to print all my digital papers. I love that I never have to worry about sealing my work because the ink (toner) won’t run or smear on a laser.

· Sandpaper or a new fingernail file works great for smoothing out the edges when altering items.

· White craft glue (Aleene’s Tacky Glue) is one of my favorite adhesives – It REALLY holds well on some of my heavy duty altered art projects.

· My favorite tools are: my Xyron 900, big guillotine paper cutter, Cutter Bee scissors and an X-Acto knife.

· Some of my favorite embellishments (that I can’t live without) are: Colorbox Chalk Ink (have it in every color & use it on pretty much every project), Ribbon, Buttons and Prima Flowers.

Wow, great tips! Thanks so much Cindy!

It was tough choosing just a few of Cindy’s projects to highlight, because I seriously love them all! But, here are a couple favorites I saw today:

To see the rest of Cindy’s gallery, click here!

This has been a lot of fun – thanks again Cindy.  Have a great week everybody :)!

Featured Scrapper: April Rieff (Sorashell)

Today I’m happy to introduce another inspiring scrapper, April Rieff! If you’re a digi scrapper, you might know her by her screen name, “sorashell”. Now, I have been a fan of April’s work for quite awhile, but it wasn’t until I interviewed her for this feature recently that I discovered the meaning behind her screen name. Click here to find out the real story (I think most ladies who have been pregnant can relate). And all this time I had been calling her “sora shell” in my head LOL! Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? I emailed April several interview questions, and in response she has shared a wealth of her scrapbooking secrets and experiences – I think you’ll enjoy reading this! Here’s the scoop from April:

I’m 39 years old and a SAHM/WAHM to Sophie (6) and Aiden (4) and wife to Chris. Today is actually our 9th anniversary [August 21st]! I live in Southern California, about 5 minutes from Disneyland and am “mom” to Rocky the dog, two cats (Rocky and Shawty) and a Ball python named Valentina. As you can probably tell, I love kids and animals… When I was a newer mom I was passionate about Attachment Parenting (and still am) but the kids are getting a bit big for breastfeeding and carrying in a sling, so most of my online time is now spent pursuing my digital hobbies. :)

I also love photography and am the proud owner of a 5D and some great lenses, and I’m surprised my kids actually know what I look like without the camera in front of my face. Besides photography, I also love traveling and being outside and reading when I get the chance. I make my traveling and camera $ by making quick pages for Jen Wilson Designs and selling templates and elements I make on her site.

I started playing around with digital in March 2004 and got started by noticing all of the amazing “signatures” on the mommy message boards I was seeing. I was using Arc Soft Photoworks at the time and it took me about a six months to figure out how to use Photoshop. My first layout was posted December 2004 at Scrapbook Bytes. I remember trying to use EVERYTHING in the kit I was working with (Chain Gang Vintage Christmas kit) and being so frustrated that it all wouldn’t fit! Still to this day I have a real problem with “clean and simple”…

I started off as a paper scrapper back in 1998 with using Creative Memories, but didn’t get too many pages done. I felt really guilty that I didn’t have a baby book for Sophie like all of my friends did for their kids. :p When I finally went digital it was awesome because there was no mess and I could just pick at a layout all day if I needed to, in between housework and mommy’ing. At first I printed things out 10×10 and paper scrapped them into my 12×12 albums, but pretty soon I gave up on that and just started doing 8×8 Shutterfly books. I absolutely LOVE these books and usually have one in my purse that I can whip out and show off if the occasion arises. :p

I use Photoshop CS3 for both my digital scrapbooking and my photography, and I’m in love with this program. There’s so much you can do in it and it’s a blast trying to figure out how to do things. I never get tired of tutorials and especially love the “warp” tool for shadows.

My main subject is my family and I’m always inspired there, but when I need scrapbooking technique inspiration there are a few galleries that I’ve always gone to. The main one is Krash’s…that girl has unknowingly taught me so much, just by me trying to copy her. :p For brush work I have always loved Emmem’s on Scrapbook-Bytes and I’d love to shadow like Tyting. The gallery that humbles me the most, though, is Nevache’s. Gerarda just has a way with putting the whole page together that makes perfect sense to me. Her stories are amazing, her photography is stunning and her composition and innovation really just blow me away. Other than galleries, products really have a way of inspiring me. Jen Wilson’s stuff always makes me want to scrap and I was so happy when I made her team so many years ago. Templates inspire me too, because they’re like decorating without having to worry about a pleasing composition.

Some of my favorite layouts, and the ones I’m proudest of are “perspective” layouts or scenes from an imaginary room. I love blending digital and reality so I end up taking pictures and mixing them with digital elements to create a kind of tableau. My kids have gotten really used to being asked to pose a certain way and my 6 year old has gotten quite adept and handling the 5D with a heavy lens and flash mounted so she can take pics of my hands in certain poses. Thank God for neck straps! With these kinds of layouts, it’s really all about two things- shadowing and Edit>Transform in Photoshop. Remember, Transform is your friend!

I have two favorite scrapbooking techniques and it’s hard to find a layout of mine without one or the other…or both! Extraction and Blending. I’ve been called the Extraction Queen for many years because I just can’t seem to not do it. Extractions (especially complicated ones) really just make the page so much more interesting to me. Here’s a good example of one I’m proud of ~ Monkey See/Monkey Do …and here’s an example of how I like to shadow and extract and blend, lol ~


Wow, thanks April -I have enjoyed learning so many new things about you :)!

My favorite pages of April’s are the ones that have that 3D, realistic look  – well, maybe some are sur-realistic lol! Here are a few of my favs (click images for credits):

The more I look at these, the more amazing they are! Here’s some more information about this talented lady:

Creative Teams (Present and Past)
Jen Wilson Designs
Carrie Stephens
Jen Caputo
Nancy Comelab
Michelle Pearson
Shabby Miss Jenn (Summer Girl)
Amanda Heimann
Anne Dejong
Birgit Kerr
Weeds & Wildflowers

SBB Star Award and DST 2007 Scrappers Choice Award

April has been published in Digital Artist Magazine (DAM), as well as in a few e-zines and newsletters.

April doesn’t have a website or blog, but she does have lots of great items for sale at Jen Wilson Designs: Click here to check them out :)!

Featured Scrapper: Michelle Filo (Mushy)!

Michelle Filo

I am so excited to bring you today’s featured scrapper because I’m such a big fan of her HYBRID work: Please give a warm welcome to Michelle Filo :)!!! When I first stumbled upon Michelle’s blog, I noticed her awesome digital pages, especially a Shutterfly album she made with Shabby Miss Jenn’s yummy Flea Market Baskets kit. But over time, Michelle has been heading more and more in the direction of hybrid and paper scrapbooking (just like ME!), and I have sooo enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful projects she has been making. I find myself studying every detail of her work so that I can try to learn as much as possible from this super talented gal!!! The awesome thing about Michelle is that she not only creates GORGEOUS hybrid projects, but she makes it easy for others to follow in her footsteps. She shares lots of tips and tricks on her blog, and you can even purchase her hybrid album templates at her Little Dreamer Designs Shop (she just released an adorable butterfly album template recently).

And you know what else? She is a real sweetheart too :)! Michelle agreed to answer a few questions about herself and her scrapping.  

First of all, is there anything about yourself and your family that you’d like to share with other scrappers?

I’m a Brazilian girl who migrated to Australia in 2000. I have had my two boys and although it is hard to be far from my family, we think it is a blessing to call Australia home.

When did you start scrapbooking? What first made you interested in scrapbooking?

A friend gave me some stationary on my birthday in Dec’04. I didn’t quite like the pink for my stationary and decided to go to the store to get another color. It was a Scrapbooking store. I went inside and was mesmerized by all the papers, buttons, ribbons and other bits and pieces. It was love at first sight. I mentioned it to a friend at work and she took me on the voyage. I spent the next six months madly creating gifts to give to my family on my trip to Brazil. I confess I got all “scrapped out” (wow, was that really possible?). I left my supplies aside until 2008, when my recently acquired love of digital scrapbooking and hybrid projects got me to venture into the world of glue and real buttons again.

Where do you get inspiration and ideas for scrapbooking? What inspires you to scrap?

I am boring, I am inspired by the products and the photos. I either come up with a project because of some yummy themed papers I saw, a car shaped album for a road trip ;) etc. Or I search for the perfect supplies for my favorite photos. Design of pages and element placement are things I play a lot with. I just place things in the page and move them around until I am pleased with the result. I change my mind a lot :) I also love templates, nothing better to get me out of the scrapper’s block.

Do you have any favorite books, magazines or websites that are especially helpful?

I love Creating Keepsakes, DSM and DAM. I also love to browse the design team galleries of my favorite stores for inspiration. There are so many talented scrappers out there.

What are some tips you can share about how to make great hybrid projects?

I would say you can save money with embellishments, you can save money with cheap chipboard (or no chipboard at all) you can save money with many things but just please don’t try to save money in paper and printing, it is not worth it. Some people print on cheap paper and then wonder they the glue thy used smudged the ink, and then blame it on the quality of the glue. I recommend you spend a few extra bucks with really good paper (premium photographic paper) and it will save heaps when your project is finished without mishaps :) ALWAYS print drafts on crappy paper before printing on your good paper. It is essential to print drafts when dealing with shaped albums to see if they are the right size.

You take such beautiful photos, what type of camera and photo editing software do you use? Do you have any photography secrets you can share with the rest of us?

Oh, that is too kind of you! Unfortunately I am no good as a photographer, but maybe I do a decent job editing my photos in Lightroom :) I bought my first DSLR in January. It is a Canon EOS 400D, known as Rebel xti in the US. I am in love with the possibilities, but also now I am aware you can still take crappy photos with a great camera LOL Only not so secret tip I love and would like to share is when taking pictures, try different angles and go down to your subjects eye level or below, especially when taking photos of children.

What favorite scrapbooking tip, trick or technique do you use most often?

I love to use the distort>wave filter to make things imperfect on my digital pages. I think it adds a lot of realism and I love it! I had a tutorial about this published at DSM *Click Here to See Tutorial*

Thanks so much Michelle!! I have listed some more fun facts about Michelle at the end of this post. But first, wanna see some of those gorgeous hybrid projects I was telling you about? I have picked a few of my favorites to share below – be sure to click the images to see even more photos and information about each one on Michelle’s blog!

Wings Album by Michelle Filo

Wings Album by Michelle Filo

Freestyle Album by Michelle Filo

Hybrid Car Album by Michelle Filo

And this last one is for a challenge Michelle has going on at the LDD blog, complete with instuctions and a free template – how fun!!

Hybrid Challenge Album with Free Template by Michelle Filo

As promised, here are a few more details about Michelle: 

Current Creative Teams: Little Dreamer Designs and Fancy Pants Designs.

After going back to work full time and accepting a position at Fancy Pants, Michelle felt she needed to slow down a bit. Her previous CTs include: ScrapArtist, The Digichick, Oscraps (challenge team), Sue Cummings, Dunia, Mitia Assef, Dani Mogstad, Traci Reed, Amanda Heimann, Lisa Whitney, Designs by Lili and she was also a guest for Shabby Miss Jenn a couple of times.

She has been published at Scrapbooking Memories (Australian Mag), Digital Scrapbooking magazine (DSM) and Digital Artist Magazine (DAM). She has also won a few challenges and awards, including the DST best hybrid project of 2008 (nominated), but has never participated in any major competitions for lack of time. Whew – I can see why she needed to slow down a bit :)!!!

Last but not least, be sure to check these links out!

Michelle’s Gallery   Her Blog   Her Shop at Little Dreamer Designs

Featured Scrapper: Irene Tan (Scrapperlicious)!

Irene Tan It has been soooo long since my last featured scrapper interview, so I am excited jump back into doing these!

Today I am so happy to feature Irene Tan, also known as Scrapperlicious :)! I stumbled upon Irene’s blog one day when I saw her link in a scrapbooking forum. I was totally amazed by her work, and I have been a fan of hers ever since. She has the ability to turn each and every scrapbooking project into a complete work of art using all kinds of creative means, and the best part of it all is that she explains her techniques in detail on her blog, so we can all try them out too :)! At first glance her work is fantastic, but it is even more amazing when you take a closer look and realize that the majority of the colors and patterns on her pages are created by hand using inks and other artistic methods.

I wanted to know more about Irene and the inspirations behind her art, so I have asked her a few questions and she was willing to give us an inside look:

First of all, is there anything about yourself and your family that you’d like to share with other scrappers?

Well, I’m a mom to two miracle blessings and a wife to a wonderful husband.

When did you start scrapbooking? What first made you interested in scrapbooking?

As most other scrappers, my first motive of scrapping is to document down the milestones of my son. During then, I didn’t know that scrapbooking had grown into such depth and fun in other countries till I visited the States in 2004. Therefore, my first scrapping with sb products was around end of 2005. I did took a year off in 2006 with some pregnancy complications and only got back to it in 2007.

Are you a 100% paper scrapper, or do you do digital scrapping as well?

I started off at a paper scrapper and later down the road, I’ve tried some digital scrapping on my son’s projects (while he’s on the Reggio programme with me). But when I start scrapping again in 2007, I’ve found myself having lots of fun with all the different kinds of art mediums and interesting new products for crafting and scrapping.

Where do you get inspiration and ideas for scrapbooking? What inspires you to scrap?

Most of the time my inspiration came directly from the photos. Each photos has it’s story and I tried to interpret or read that story. That’s what normally inspire me. I do occasionally scrap using sketches but still implement other elements using this inspiration. ie. colours, embellies, textures and overall presentation. It’s more of, putting my expressions and thoughts through my work and hoping others would see that too. My family is my first and most important reason to scrap. Besides that, I always find the need to scrap when I have an idea of a technique or simply to play with some fun products.

Your scrapbook pages have so much intricate detail – are they difficult or time consuming to create?

This actually depends on each individual. To me, it’s not considered difficult at all or time consuming at all. First of all, in May, Style’s The Word had organized a challenge on using my techniques to create layouts and I could see that most of the players had no problem at all using those techniques and all entries are just amazing. Secondly, I wouldn’t consider it time consuming if one is really enjoying the process.

Do you have any advice for other scrappers who would like to make pages like yours?

As most of you might have known, my most favourite words are “Scrap with your heart and don’t forget to have fun too!’ These words will carry you far if you stick to it. Everyone has their own styles and preferences. The most important thing is to enjoy and be proud of it!

What favorite scrapbooking tip, trick or technique do you use most often?

This is a rather hard question for me as I love all kinds of techniques. I’m always trying to find new techniques to do things and have fun. But I must say that till to-date, my passion towards ink is still irreplaceable.

Thanks so much, Irene, for sharing with us :)!!!

OK, Ready to see some of Irene’s work? Here are a few samples from her blog – be sure to click on the images to see more detailed photos and descriptions of each project on her blog :).

Wow – pretty inspiring, huh? If you’d like to learn more about Irene Tan (Scrapperlicious), check out the links below:

Scrapperlicious Resume

Gallery at

New, Inspiring Scrapbooking Site!

Just wanted to spread the word about a cool new site for scrapbookers: Scrap & Mac! I love the bright, clean look to this site by Ruthie, and I love that she includes all types of scrapbooking on her site too; paper, digital and hybrid :)! The site includes featured designer spotlights, which are a great way to learn more about other scrapbookers. Even though it’s a brand new site, she has already featured Ali Edwards, Shabby Miss Jenn, Noell Hyman and even little ol’ me (although I hardly feel worthy being featured next to those superstar scrappers)!!! Oh, and you may have guessed it by the title, but the site is especially catered toward Mac users (so if you have Mac questions, go to Ruthie – I’m clueless in that area)!

If you want to see the designer spotlight about me, click here. There is even a slide show that you can add images to that are inspired by my work. So all you ladies who have sent me links to pages you’ve made with my templates and freebies, etc. should add them to the slide show for everyone to admire :). And if you do, please let me know :)!

Featured Scrapper: Beth (kewl_jive)!

BethToday I’d like to feature another digital scrapper I’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit recently – Beth! She goes by the screen name kewl_jive online, and if you’re a digi scrapper you’ve probably seen her around, she’s all over the place :)!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a page of hers that didn’t immediately stand out to me – she has a beautiful, clean, crisp style that is so inspiring.

And I’m not the only one who thinks Beth is an excellent scrapper; she has worked with many different designers and has quite a few publications too! I’ve provided a list of where to find her work at the end of this post, along with links to some places you can see her online.

I asked Beth some questions about herself, her scrapping process and what inspires her to make these gorgeous pages:

First of all, is there anything about yourself and your family that you’d like to share with other scrappers?

I’m turning 32 this coming October. I’m happily married for almost 6 years to an engineer working with Motorola Japan. We are blessed with a sweet li’l girl. She’s almost 3 years old now and enjoys posing for the camera. We are currently living in Tokyo, Japan but originally from Manila, Philippines. Before going to Japan, we were assigned at Bangkok, Thailand where we stayed for more than 3 years. We’ve been to several other places and we enjoyed the variety of cultures we experienced.

When did you start scrapbooking? What first made you interested in scrapbooking?

I did my first page on October 2005. I posted it at the Scrap Girls gallery. I had vivid memories of that day. My dd, who was only 8 months old, was taking a nap and I grabbed the opportunity to take a shot of her foot and tried to scrap it with no digital scrapbook supplies at all. Looking back at it now, I feel like I was a cavewoman at that time, LOL. I started with freebies from SBB and other digital scrapping sites.

My family, especially my daughter, is my inspiration in getting me hooked and keeps me interested in scrapbooking. I always love to write journals and jot down her milestones in life. And of course, who wouldn’t be addicted to take her lovely pictures since she’s sooo into it. She’s a truly great poser ;)

Are you 100% digital or do you use paper as well?

100% digital. But I am thinking of doing some hybrid projects in the future.

Your DST screen name is kewl_jive. Is there any story behind that name, and do you have any other online aliases?

I have been using my screen name since my senior college days. There’s really no big story behind it but I just felt “kewl” (cool) most of the time and I “jive” with most everybody. :)

Where do you get inspiration and ideas for scrapbooking? What inspires you to scrap?

From the pictures that I take. My main subject is my daughter. Everything about her. What she does, what she wishes to express and whatever her mood dictates. It is always about her and our little family’s adventures.

Do you have any favorite books, magazines or websites that are especially helpful? (all links open in a in a new window)

DAM, SS, MM magazines. DST, SBB, MSA, FPD, Scrap Girls, CK, and  2 Peas digi scrapping sites. Photography books as well.

Your scrapbook pages are strikingly beautiful, and convey such great emotion – are there any tips you can share with us about how to create pages like these?

WOW! How sweet of you to say that. :)

I always try to capture raw emotions in my photos. When I convert a picture to b&w, I would like it to express those emotions in a form of a story. I start with placing just the photo(s), title and journaling on a blank paper. I then begin to recall the events at the time of the shoot and select the proper theme for the whole layout. I basically try to keep it simple, crisp and sort of direct to the point, if you know what I mean.

Your photos always look perfect! What type of camera and photo editing software do you use? Do you have any photography secrets you can share with the rest of us?

I use Nikon D70s and I am trying to invest more on new sets of lenses. I use PS CS2 and some photo actions from Nicole Van and other photographers’ as well. I tweak them to suit my taste. I love b&w conversions with a little blue or chocolate color on it.

What favorite scrapbooking tip, trick or technique do you use most often?

I’m not an expert on this but I’ll try to give what works well for me. I hope you’ll find this useful in your work.

Learn how to use your camera and maximize the features that come with it. Try to explore various photo conversion techniques. There are top notch photographers who offer to apply their photo actions on your photos (you need to email them) so you can always try before deciding to buy. I also use Adobe Lightroom for my recent photos. I believe that the photo is the foundation of all good scrapbook pages. You cannot overlook this very important aspect and I believe that if you take care of it, the rest will follow naturally.

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on shadow works. It gives a great look in a page as well as the proper use of color combinations and elements. I am continuing to learn from other scrappers and I always experiment on new things. I always push myself to come-up with a signature style of my own.

Thanks so much for sharing your insight with us, Beth :)!

Here are a few of Beth’s pages, you can click on them for credit info. It was SO hard to choose just a few, you just HAVE to see the rest: click here to see her gallery!

Never Knew


Lead Me

Little Miss Independent

As promised, here is a list of where you can find more of Beth’s artistry:

Currently working with:

Corina Nielsen
Kim De Smet
Kylie Clark of FPD
Digital Artist Magazine CT
Funky Playground Designs Site CT
Fee Jardine of Sweet Shoppe Designs
Kay Miller of Kay Miller Designs
Traci Reed of Scrapbook Graphics
Annie Manning (Paint the Moon) of The Digishoppe

Guest CTs for the month of October:

O.N. Designs
Emily Merritt at The Digi Chick
Nancy Comelab at The Lily Pad

Published at:
SBB Hot Bytes
Memory Makers
Digital Artist Magazine
Ready Set Create

Upcoming publications:
Scrapbook Trends Magazine (Fast and Fabulous)
Somerset Magazine
Digital Scrapbook Magazine
Creative Techniques Magazine (next summer)

Featured pages at:
The Digi Chick
Memory Makers
Creating Keepsakes

Scrappin’ Jobs Interview: Angela Daniels

Angela DanielsI’ve always loved Better Homes and Gardens, so of course I love their Scrapbooking Magazine, Scrapbooks Etc. I was browsing the website one day and came across the online show, Scrapbook Lifestyle. This is where I first saw Angela in action, along with a whole cast of other talented scrapbookers. Since then I have discovered that Angela has plenty of other scrap-related jobs and experience as well – just check out her Scrapbook Resume! I’m so happy Angela is willing to share her experiences with us – I enjoyed learning about her life in the scrapping industry, and I know you will too :). Be sure to check out her gallery and the other cool places to find her online, which are listed at the end of this interview! 

What is your scrappin’ job, and how does it involve scrapbooking?

I am the executive editor for the Better Homes and Garden’s Scrapbooks Etc. sponsored show, Scrapbook Lifestyle. I am also a designer and host on the show so I get to split my time in front of and behind the camera. I also create and edit the content for the show’s official blog. In addition to that, I teach classes at my local scrapbook store, do freelance design work for C & T publishing, write color theory articles for I am also on the design team for Avery Personal Creations. AND I also try to submit layouts and projects to magazines whenever I have free time. As if that wasn’t enough, my friends have talked me into being their personal connection by having me sell Stampin’ Up! and my new most exciting find, Uppercase Living wall words- finally something for scrap space decorating!

How did your scrappin’ job come about?

My main job working with Scrapbook LifeStyle came about 2 years ago when I saw a posting for an open-call audition. I was new to the whole scrapbooking as a profession idea but I thought my pre-mom years working as a corporate trainer might have trained me well for being on camera.

What made you think this job was for you?

I loved my job training adults in the corporate world AND I have always loved being creative and working with paper and colors. As soon as I discovered that I might be able to do BOTH at the same time AND still keep my primary focus on being a stay-at-home mom, I was determined to give it a try.

Where are most of your work hours spent (at home / away, etc)?

Luckily, I am able to do the majority of everything I do right here from home. I can even do most of it late at night so it impacts my family as little as possible.

What kind of hours do you work: Weekdays 9 to 5? Weekends? Anytime?

It really depends on the week. I add an entry to the Scrapbook LifeStyle blog every week day but often, I can do this quickly, right after my kids go to bed. When we’re preparing for a new season of the show, I cut down on my fun internet surfing (and TV watching) and focus on finding guests and working with them to create interesting stories for our show.

What is your favorite thing about this job?

I have really enjoyed meeting other people who share my enthusiasm for such a fun hobby.

What is your least favorite thing about this job?

I can’t think of a thing. I enjoy each job I have. Well, except having to mail freelance projects off in the mail. My post office is a nightmare!

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into this area of work?

The most important thing when it comes to trying to get any job in scrapbooking is to be NICE and friendly. Networking is a large part of what we all do and I have met people one year and find myself working with them one or two years later. The other tip I have is to do your homework- if you want to write or have projects published, really get to know the magazine you are interested in submitting to. Each one has it’s own personality and you really will have to have work that stands out to each individual set of editors.

Let’s talk income. On average, your job provides:
      a) Lot’s of fun, minimal income.
      b) Enough to support your scrappin’ habit.
      c) Some extra spending money for the family.
      d) A substantial second income for your family.
      e) Your family’s primary income.

c) Some extra spending money for the family. Eventually, I might have more time to make more money but I’m much happier being available for all of my kid’s after school activities and spending weekends with my family.

What inspires you most creatively?

I am most inspired by the beautiful products each scrapbook company comes out with every buying season. Like most scrappers, I can spend 10 minutes extolling the virtues of a single piece of paper when I find one that strikes my fancy.

What is your scrappin’ style?

I like to say clean, eclectic. I admire scrappers who have a solid body of work that has a cohesive look but I can’t seem to pull it off. Some days, I am in a messy, sewing mood, other days I want to make everything very plain and graphic looking. The only thing that seems to remain constant for me is that I like to use brighter colors.

What is/are your favorite scrapbooking product(s)?

I usually say my bone folder. Really. It’s not exactly beautiful but I can’t seem to do a project without it. I’m also a big fan of any new organizational gadget.

What are your favorite pictures to scrap?

I love to scrap my best, in focus photos of my kids. I take a LOT of photos but I don’t feel like I have to scrap very many of them. I’m happy to get a sampling of who they are at each age.

What is the most difficult thing for you to scrap?

I am not very good at scrapping multi photo pages just for the sake of getting more photos on a page. To me, I can sum up a birthday in about one or two photos and feel I’ve captured the event pretty well.

Why did you start scrappin’?

I started scrapping when I was about 7 years-old because I have a tiny bit of a pack-rat personality, I think. I wanted some place to memorialize my Charlie’s Angel and Star Wars cards if I recall correctly.

What keeps you scrappin’?

Each time my kids really like a page I’ve done of them, I get a fresh wave of motivation. Currently, my son likes to carry around a page I did of his big secret. That makes me happy.

Where do you see your scrapbooks in 50 years?

Honestly, I think there are going to be some great garage sales in the future. I’m not sure everyone in the future generations will appreciate all the work we scrappers are doing right now but then there will be resurgence again. All of this goes in cycles. I just hope I’m spry enough to be out at all the garage sales scooping these treasures up!

Do you scrap in:
     a) 100% paper?
     b) 100% digital?
     c) Mostly paper, some digital?
     d) Mostly digital, some paper?
     e) Pretty equal paper and digital?

c) Mostly paper, some digital

What is your favorite scrappin’ tip?

The tip I find myself repeating often is, “You don’t have to scrap chronologically.” So many of my friends use to do this and I could see that they weren’t really enjoying their scrapping time. They were making it seem like a chore. I’ve convinced them to take a break sometimes and scrap a favorite current photo, just for fun- even if they still feel like they HAVE to keep going in order to feel “done.” Being “caught up” is not something I personally ever worry about. I scrap for fun.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just that – I hope everyone reading this is enjoying scrapping. If it starts to feel like a chore, you should step back, take a fun class, scrap something silly, scrap something about yourself- anything to get back to the heart of this hobby- the fun part.

Thanks Ang! I totally agree about the whole chronological scrapping thing!! I have SO much more fun when I scrap what inspires me at the moment :)!

Check these links for more places to find Angela Daniels online:

Angela’s Blog     Angela’s Resume     Angela’s Gallery     Scrapbook Lifestyle Show

Scrapbook Lifestyle Blog     Color Theory Articles at Simply Cardstock

UpperCase Living (demonstrator’s id: 968001 registration token: Daniels)

Featured Scrapper: Catherine (chud23)!


Today I’d like to introduce you to a truly gifted scrapper named Catherine, who you may know by the screen name Chud23! If you frequent online digital scrapbooking galleries, you have most likely seen her beautiful artistry – and if you’re like me, you’ve probably added more than one of her pages to your “favorites” :)! Since I have been so inspired by Catherine’s creativity, and have learned so much just by looking at her pages, I thought she would be a perfect candidate for my new “Featured Scrapper” series! Catherine kindly consented to answer a few questions, so let’s get to know a little bit more about this talented and interesting scrapper! First of all, I asked her to tell us a little about herself and her family…

I am French, and live currently in Finland! I have moved quite often during my life and I think I have lived in 10 different countries on three continents! I have a wonderful husband and 3 wonderful children aged 12 to 19.

What creative teams are you on or have you been on? Have you won any major scrapbooking awards or contests?

My CTs: I am lucky to be in the most wonderful CTs and I feel so privileged to be working for amazing designers and be part of such wonderful groups of talented, kind and wonderful women! Christina Renee, Weeds and Wildflowers, Two Sisters Designs, Paint-the-Moon, Emily Merritt, Kim Smet, Michelle Pearson (photo actions) and in September I get to be an Angel with Nancy Comelab! In December, I also get the fabulous opportunity to be a goddess at SA for a month!

Major scrapbooking awards or contests : I won a  DST scrappers choice  award and one of my page was also featured at Disc Talk Radio! And I have a big surprise for October but can’t say anything yet! This is so exciting!

How long have you been scrapbooking? How did you start?

My first hobby was photography. In 2005, I was looking for a new way of presenting my photos and found on internet, 2 Peas. I just loved the site and got inspired to start scrapping my photos! But then at the time , I was lacking space and time so I started to look at some  digital scrapbooking pages, bought photoshop, started to scrap one or 2 pages in January of this year but really started to produce LOs in March, April!

Are you 100% digital or do you use paper as well?

Started with papers but now I am 100% digital! Just love the freedom and creativity that go with digi scrapbooking!

Your screen name is chud23. How did you come up with this name, and do you have any other online aliases?

No no other screen name! chud comes from my maiden name and 23 is our family lucky number, my 3 kids and myself have all been born on the 23rd of a month!

Where do you get inspiration and ideas for scrapbooking? What motivates you?

Mainly from my photos, I also love to look at magazines and galleries! Playing the praise game is a good way to discover fabulous pages! I would love to leave printed books full of my LOs to my children and future grandchildren, what wonderful memories for them!

Do you have any favorite books, magazines or websites that are especially helpful?

I love the French books by Scrap Attitude (, they are mainly for paper scrappers but are full of inspiration! DAM is my favourite digi magazine and my favourites websites are DST, SA, CRD and MSA!

The photos you use on your scrapbook pages are always so creative and beautiful – are there any tips you can share with fellow scrappers about how to capture great photos?

Thanks for the compliment, I have always loved to take photos of my children and surroundings! I still haven’t learned to shoot manually, so I am not the best one to share tips!!!!

What type of camera and photo editing software do you use?

I have a Panasonic, I would love to upgrade for a Canon ES but have to wait a bit! I use Photoshop CS2.

Please share your all-time favorite scrapbooking tip, trick or technique that you’ve learned!

I learned everyday from different scrappers, so everyday I learn little tricks or techniques! I have still so much to learn! CRD team forum is just fabulous because everybody is sharing design and scrapping tips: that is where I have learned about Layer masks, can’t  believe I was scrapping without them before! I also love to use all the layers effects  (multiply soft light, overlay…) and play with them all the time! At WW forum, there is also a great thread where scrappers share what they have learned and I just love it!

Thanks for sharing Catherine, and thanks for letting us know about so many great designers and sites to go see!!

I have chosen a few of my favorite layouts by Catherine to share with you below, click on any of the images to see it in the gallery, or just click here to be taken to Catherine’s main gallery! Enjoy!!


Fun Summer Memories

Love at First Sight

Paris in 1938

Edited on October 3rd, 2007 to add: Now we know what the big surprise for October was! Catherine is the Treat of the Month at Sweet Shoppe Designs! Go check it out!

New Column: Scrap it Real

Remember my interview with Tasra? Well, I just wanted to let you know that she has a new column called Scrap it Real at 5 Minutes for Mom. If you are a new scrapbooker and are wondering how/where to get started, I think you’ll appreciate the tips she has to offer about organization, supplies and more! She is also having some fun Keeping it Real on her blog, with a chance to win some goodies by showing her photos of your REAL woman scrap space. Check it out!

Scrapin’ Jobs Interview: Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

All my favorite stamps and inks are from Stampin’ Up, so naturally I was interested to hear from my friend, Melissa Fisher, about her experiences as a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator. Melissa is a busy mom with three kids ages three, two and one, yet she manages to create countless beautiful creations as well as make some income with her Stampin’ Up business. For more information, make sure you check out Melissa’s website and project idea gallery listed at the end of this post!

What is your scrappin’ job, and how does it involve scrapbooking? 

I sell Stampin’ Up products.  I utilize their products in crafting hobbies such as card making, gift bags, decorative displays and picture frames.  I also use them in my personal scrapbooking.

How did you discover this job?

I was introduced to their products by my sister-in-law, once I had my 1st baby.  I have been using their products for 3-4 years now.   I decided I was more available now to start selling.

What made you think this job was for you?

I enjoy crafting, and Stampin Up products spark my imagination.  It is very natural to me to dive into something I enjoy.

Where are most of your work hours spent (at home / away, etc)?

At home.  The only away time is throwing parties at other homes.

What kind of hours do you work: Weekdays 9 to 5? Weekends? Anytime?

Anytime really.  I spend time crafting usually at naptimes for the kids and at night when they are in bed, while my husband partakes of his hobbies.  My prep time for parties is mostly at those times.

Describe “A day in the life of a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator”

I am always looking for ideas, watching the kids play and snapping photos. Surviving the day with a 3, 2 and 1 year old.  I escape to my craft corner in the master bedroom during naptime to think of possibilities or email my customers/handle orders.  Then I get going again with kids, dinner, night-time rituals.  My husband and I escape to the master bedroom to have “hobby time”. So most of my time with Stampin’ Up is at naptimes and night-time. Occasionally the kids entertain me as I trim a stamp or two, or allow me to cut paper while they color at the table!!  Currently I am typing while they are eating breakfast…won’t last long.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I get to create!!   I get to help others create.

Let’s talk income.  On average, your job provides:                     

a) Lot’s of fun, minimal income.         

b) Enough to support your scrappin’ habit.                

c) Some extra spending money for the family.               

d) A substantial second income for your family.                

e) Your family’s primary income.

b) Enough to support my scrappin’ habit (working towards extra spending $$ for family!!).

What inspires you most creatively?

Everything.  I see ideas all around me.  I look at pictures in magazines, websites, listen to others ideas, and as always survey Michael’s/Hobby Lobby!!

What is your scrappin’ style?

I suppose mostly traditional.  I have explored a little digital scrapbooking, but for the most part enjoy creating it myself.  I enjoy the freedom of creativity with stamping.

What are your favorite Stampin’ Up product(s)?

That’s a hard question.  At first I would’ve said the stamps, the stamp pads and wheels; but I have begun exploring more of their products and I am finding those exciting also. The pastels, the watercolor crayons, the color spritzer, heat embossing, markers, and the punches.  I love them all!!!

What are your favorite pictures to scrap?Father’s Day Book

Of course, hands down my family!!  I happen to think they are the GREATEST!!

What is the most difficult thing for you to scrap?

I guess I would think the difficult times.  I haven’t personally dived into scrapbooking challenging times. An example would be my daughter having a seizure in the car and then being diagnosed with seizures, or my other daughter’s journey with allergies.  I think though those things that are most difficult are the most rewarding, so with that said I hope to challenge myself to scrap those thoughts!!

What keeps you scrappin’?

Life.  I think it’s an exciting way to enjoy those things around me and be thankful for what I have.  It also has allowed me to encourage those around me and celebrate them.  I have always enjoyed creativity and this has been the best outlet to date!!!

Where do you see your scrapbooks in 50 years?

Hopefully done!!  HA.HA.  I still have to scrapbook my wedding album, along with a travel album, and all 3 kids!!  I have so many that I want to create.  I would mostly like to catch up!!

What is your favorite scrappin’ tip?

See potential in anything.  Everything has possibilities from a penny to a piece of string. As always for me I have to keep in the back of my mind KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)!! Simpler is better!!

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would say to anyone, believe you have the possibility to be creative.  It only takes seeing the possibility and trying.

Thanks for sharing with us, Melissa!

For more info, check out Melissa’s website. You can also see more of her fabulous work in her idea galley.


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