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A Little Giveaway and a Mini Album Idea

I finally finished my most recent mini album! As I mentioned earlier, I had gone to Michael’s to pick up some of the goodies from the Nursery Tales Collection by Prima.  I got some great deals because I had a 30% off your entire purchase coupon and I also went back on another day to use a 40% off coupon for the paper pack.

Want to see what I bought?

Nursery Tales Collection by Prima

As many of you know, I am expecting a new baby in September, so I was thrilled to see this new collection!! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect too because I wanted to make a mini album just for Gabe and the Nursery Tales Collection worked wonderfully for this project.

Mini Album Idea for Older Siblings

My son Gabe will be turning three just before we expect his new little sibling to be born. We have been trying to prepare him for our new arrival and get him excited about the new addition to our family. I want him to feel like he is a big part of what is going on. Gabe loves books, but I had been having a hard time finding one that I thought was really sending him the right message. Then it hit me, Gabe LOVES to look through all of my mini albums – why not make him his very own mini album about his early days as a newborn? I used photos from Gabe’s first few days to show him what life with a newborn baby is like.

I love this idea because it accomplishes at least three goals:

  • Help the sibling learn about everyday life with a newborn by sharing photos of bathing, changing, feeding, sleeping, cuddling and even crying.
  • Use photos of the sibling as a baby, so that they can see that they were once a newborn and were cared for in the same ways.
  • Give the sibling a special mini album of their very own – Gabe loves his even more than I expected him to!

I used a 5×5 Accordion Album, which also comes with its own keepsake box – too cute :)! Here are some pics of the finished box:

Altered Keepsake Box using Nursery Tales, by Prima

And a close-up one so you can see the adorable mini roses and beautiful flocked paper:

Keepsake Box using Nursery Tales, by Prima

Here’s the front of the album – I love the rub-ons in this collection!

Mini Album Cover using Nursery Tales, by Prima

I love the little bunnies too :)!

Nursery Tales Collection, by Prima

Now for some pics of the inside of the album – awww, was he really ever that little?

Mini Album using Nursery Tales Collection, by Prima

I love that the album has built in pockets and frames – it really is the perfect thing for a preschooler! Plus, you can add extra photos on the backs of the tags.

Mini Album using Nursery Tales, by Prima

What a great photo for the last page ;).

The Nursery Tales Collection, by Prima

Tips and Tricks for Mini Albums for Kids

  • I used the distressed look, with rough, inked edges – that way, if the book suffers some wear and tear at the hands of my preschooler, it won’t be as noticeable.
  • I attached clear transparency sheets over each of the photos to protect them from little finger prints.
  • I made double-sided tags for all of the pockets in the album, making it more interactive and fun for young viewers.

Still with me? How about that giveaway :)! Leave me a comment on this post with your guess about the color scheme of the new baby’s nursery… PINK or BLUE? In a couple of days I will randomly choose somebody from the winning group of answers to receive a special sampling of the Nursery Tales papers and embellishments :)! P.S. If you are a friend or family member who already knows, please keep it our little secret for a few more days, OK? ~xo Jess

Adobe Photoshop Express (BETA) is FREE!!!!!!!!!

This is NOT an April fools joke people, I signed up for my own Adobe Photoshop Express account to make sure :)! If you are looking for a fast, easy, awesome and especially FREE way to edit, organize and share your digital photos, you MUST check this out!!

I have literally only played around with this tool for less than 10 minutes, and I think it’s great! It is NOT a program you can do digi scrapping or in depth editing with – it’s mostly just for quick photo fixes. In a couple of minutes you can transform your photo from drab to dramatic, here’s one I played with really quick:

Photoshop Express Example

Like I said, I’ve only played with it for a few minutes, but so far here’s what I love about Adobe Photoshop Express (BETA):

  • It’s free, and it is online, so I didn’t need to download a program or anything.
  • It works with other free online photo management programs I use (photobucket and Picasa), so I could access those photos without having to upload them again.
  • It is SUPER user friendly and automated – you select an editing mode, and Photoshop Express instantly gives you several versions of your photo to choose from, side-by-side so you can see what looks best.

Photoshop Express Example 2

Of course the full version of photoshop will still be my main editing program, but I think this will be my program of choice for quick photo edits for blogging, emailing and sharing online :).

If you want to learn more, check out this post by John Nack (Adobe Photoshop Senior Product Manager ).

Important: before you share any photos publicly through this site, make sure you read the terms of use (especially section 8)! Apparently Adobe IS working on revising the terms so they don’t sound so scary LOL, but I would still think twice before making a public gallery there :).

New Column: Scrap it Real

Remember my interview with Tasra? Well, I just wanted to let you know that she has a new column called Scrap it Real at 5 Minutes for Mom. If you are a new scrapbooker and are wondering how/where to get started, I think you’ll appreciate the tips she has to offer about organization, supplies and more! She is also having some fun Keeping it Real on her blog, with a chance to win some goodies by showing her photos of your REAL woman scrap space. Check it out!

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Well, this has been a fantastic scrappin’ week for me! So many great developments :). On Tuesday, I finished creating my very own digital scrapbooking kit. On Wednesday, I found out that I was chosen to be part of the design team at my LSS – it’s my first time being on a design team, and I’m so excited :).  On Thursday, I offered you all a little flower freebie, which has had such a great response, and I have been showered with sweet comments here and over at 4shared! Yesterday, I finally finished my huge scraproom organization project!!!  I posted the before and after pics in this thread in the Scrapbook Lifestyle forum. 

I was originally planning to attend a crop at my LSS today, but I didn’t register in time, so they are totally booked.  So instead I plan on scrapping at home in my fresh and new looking scraproom :).

I plan to also be stopping by these NSD hot spots today, so if you see me (screen name “Scrapbook Ideas” or “JessGordon”), say hi!

Digi Shop Talk

Creating Keepsakes

AND Check out this out!!!!!!!!! I picked up this simply GORGEOUS kit from Shabby Miss Jenn this morning for the ridiculouly low price of ONE DOLLAR! If you want to get it at this price, RUN over there :).  The sale is for today only!

SMJ Old Cabana Kit

More on Ribbon Storage

Ribbon StorageI just had to show you one more cute idea for ribbon storage.  Today the latest newsletter from Paper Crafts Magazine showed up in my email inbox and this cute pic just jumped right out at me! It is really just a variation of the idea Donna shared with us (see this post), but I just had to show you.  I thought it looked like a fun and easy solution.  It is included in Paper Crafts’ new special issue: Card Fashion. If you are still looking for more ribbon storage tips, just do a  Google search of “scrapbooking ribbon storage ideas”, and you will find a TON of great ideas!

Organization: Ribbons

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Have you ever participated in “Tackle it Tuesday” over at 5 Minutes for Mom? It’s a fun way to motivate yourself to accomplish something and publicly commit to it (that way, you have some real pressure to get it done)!

Well, for the next two weeks, I plan to organize my “scrap space” – I’m joining Wendy Reed  in a quest for organization that she is hosting in this thread at the Scrapbook Lifestyle forums. I’ve already posted photos of my “scrap space” problem areas over there.


Ribbons Before

As for today, I am just focusing on one issue: ribbon storage! I know it sounds like a small thing, but trust me, it will take me a while to get sorted out.  I have been collecting ribbons as long as I can remember – I literally have some in my stash that I got when I was a little girl!  But they are all stuffed in a drawer, so I need to do something about it!!  


OK, I’m off to see what I can do about this mess!  Later I’ll post the after pics AND link you to some cool ribbon organization ideas. Wish me luck :).



Wow!  That DID take a long time! I was organizing on and off all day today.  I did enjoy myself though. I love looking at all my ribbons, many of which are vintage. I still have fond memories of discovering some of these in the attic of my childhood neighbor, Lucille.

Anyway, I started out trying one method, but it wasn’t working, so I ended up scratching that idea and doing something else.  The idea that didn’t work was to wrap the ribbons around empty wrapping paper tubes. The ribbons kept sliding around and getting all jumbled up, so they still looked messy to me.  And it was actually pretty hard to wrap them around the tubes.  The next idea I tried worked much better.  I just cut pieces of cardboard into rectangles that fit perfectly into one of those photo storage boxes you can buy in craft stores.  

More Ribbons

Then I wrapped the ribbons around the cardboard pieces and stood them up vertically in the photo storage box. They take up very little space, and I can glance through and easily see all the ribbons at once. There was even room left in the box to store ribbons on spools and a couple of small boxes of ribbon and lace scraps. I’m quite pleased :).

Great Ribbon Storage Ideas:

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my top choice for storing my ribbons. The reason I did it this way is because I wanted to only use supplies I had on hand and also take up the least amount of space possible.  If money were no object I would definitely have gone with glass jars for storage.  I love that look! Angela, one of the Scrapbook Lifestyle gals, pointed out in the comments that Ikea has some glass jars that work great for this. Thanks for the tip Angela! I googled it and found this Scrapjazz article with pics of the glass jars in action. Beautiful! I also saw mason jars being used on Carolyn’s blog (April 19th), they sure look great, don’t they? Oh, and check out this fun idea from Donna, another of the Scrapbook Lifestyle designers! Wow, you’re really coming through for me today ladies :). I also had seen some neat ideas in the Scrapbooks Etc. forum in this thread.  And I think the Melissa Frances ribbon storage boxes are so pretty too! OK, that’s enough for now, I think :).  If you have more tips, please share!

Photo Organization Part 1: Prints

If you have tons of printed photos you’d like to scrapbook “someday”, but you don’t know where to start, then you have to check out this webisode by Tasra Dawson, author of Real Women Scrap. She goes over the basics of getting your photos organized and safely stored – ready for you to put in a scrapbook! Even though my printed photos are already organized, I still enjoyed watching this fun and informative first episode of Real Women Scrap TV.

Photo Organization

Here are my own favorite tips for organizing your printed photos:

  1. Store them in an environment that will not be damaging: away from papers containing acid or lignin, and from excessive light, heat, moisture, dust, etc.
  2. Store the photos in an upright position (so that they will be less likely to be bent or indented by things pressing down on them).
  3. Keep your negatives! Treat them with just as much or more care as the prints.
  4. Have a labeling system in place.  I like to write on photo-safe cards and keep the cards with the photos, but if you must write on the photo itself, use a photo-safe marker.
  5. Try to do your labeling as soon after getting the prints made as possible! Trust me, you won’t always remember your college roommate’s boyfriend’s dog’s name :).
  6. Organize the photos in a way that will make sense when it’s time to do your scrapbooking. If you scrapbook chronologically, store the photos chronologically.  If you’re making a Christmas scrapbook, keep all of the Christmas photos together.
  7. If possible, store duplicates of your photos in a separate location. This way, you will have copies in case something happens to the originals.
  8. When choosing a photo storage system, try to find something that is somewhat portable. Remember, the goal is to eventually scrap the photos, so you want to be able to grab them and go. Get multiple smaller containers if necessary.
  9. If you have memorabilia that you want to include with the photos in a scrapbook, store them with the photos. Make sure the memorabilia are NOT touching the photos if they are not photo-safe (you can keep them in specially made plastic sleeves).
  10. Most of all, have fun with the organization process! Come up with a system that appeals to you, or you won’t stick with it.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I bought my photo storage boxes (pictured above) at Hobby Lobby. If you pay attention to the sales, you can get them for 1/2 price too!


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