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Mini Album Faithbook Idea

Happy Good Friday!

Have you been to Michael’s lately? They have some gorgeous new scrapbooking collections from Prima, so I went shopping!!!! First, I picked up some of these:

First Blush by Prima, available at Michael’s
First Blush by Prima - available at Michael's

I loooooove this new collection, and I’m especially proud of the papers by Doris Castle and Dianne Rigdon, two talented digital designers I have been lucky to work with in the past! The flowers and other embellishments are also as lovely as can be! I will be stopping back at Michael’s again tomorrow (with a 30% off your entire purchase coupon) to pick up some of the new Nursery Tales collection too – perfect for me right now :)!

Mini Album Faithbook

Mini Album Faithbook

Here’s a project I made recently with the new First Blush collection by Prima. Since the paper pack has 96 papers, I’m sure there will many more fun projects to follow! I have been trying to memorize a group of Bible verses about four topics; Kindness, Gentleness, Patience and Self-Control – areas I would like to improve on in my life, especially since I will soon be the mommy of two ;). So, I printed out the scriptures and added them to this mini album. I love using an accordion album for projects like this, because I can display the open album along a shelf and look at it every time I pass by.

Mini Album Faithbook

To add a calming, peaceful feel to the album, I included springtime flower photos I have taken at a nearby botanical garden recently. It was tempting to go overboard with the beautiful floral papers from the First Blush line, but I tried to stick to mostly muted green papers, so as not to overwhelm the flower photos in the album.

Mini Album Faithbook

I am really happy with how this album came out, and I hope it will inspire me to learn these Bible verses and serve as a reminder of them for years to come.

Supplies: flowers, patterned paper, die-cut felt strip, stickers and crystals all from the First Blush Collection by Prima, available at Michael’s stores.  Album from Oriental Trading Company. Distress ink by Ranger.

Altered Flower Pail Tutorial

Here’s a fun project I made almost a year ago! The full tutorial with step-by-step photos is on the Prima blog today. Actually, I made two of these last spring –  for my nieces, Emma and Madison. I don’t know which they were more excited about, the pretty pails or the candy inside ;).

Altered Prima Flower Pail

If you are into “going green” with your scrapbooking projects, this is one way you can reduce/reuse/recycle! The little pail I altered is actually a recycled flower container. Here’s a shot of the flower pail before I started the project.

Scrapbooking Supplies from Prima

Click Here for a Step-by-Step Tutorial with Photos

News, Ideas and Tutorials

So Much Love
(So Much Love: Credits and instructions below)

Well hello! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve shared my scrapbook ideas – hopefully I can make up for it a little bit today :).  First things first though, I want to say a BIG Thank You to everyone who has emailed me to say you’ve missed my posts, you are thinking of me and especially those of you who have been praying for me!! It is very touching and much appreciated.

So, here’s a little update on why I have been MIA for the past couple of months: as you can maybe guess by the layout above, I am pregnant! We are very excited about this happy news – what a blessing :)!! For the first trimester I was veeeeery tired, and although I luckily have not had to deal with “morning sickness” I have had to deal with an ongoing chronic illness which unfortunately came out of remission right about the time we found out we were expecting. So I have been pretty wiped out, but I am learning how to cope and I am blessed with an awesome husband and a group of caring friends who have been very helpful and supportive.

Anyway, that is why I have taken a break from designing, blogging, article writing, etc. for a while.  Now that I have a bit more energy, I hope to get back into the swing of things (at least with scrapping and blogging). So let’s get started, shall we?

For those of you who read the Prima Blog, these will not be new – sorry. The only creating I have been doing recently has been to fulfill my requirements for the Prima design team. I am glad I made that comittment, otherwise I might not have gotten anything done at all!

So Much Love (seen above and at the Prima Blog)

Digital Supplies: Signs of Spring Chipmates (SKU19843)

Physical Supplies:
All from Prima: Signs of Spring Papers (#881290, #881276, # 881368, #881283), Alphablends (#840716, #840723), Whispered Words (#812010), Voila (#881634), Die-Cut Chipboard (#400026), Clear Epoxy Stickers (#400002), RFH Sticker Sheet, Essentials 3 Coquette flowers (#517281) and Sprites 2 (#517144).

I used the RFH (Retail Friendly Hybrid) Die-Cut Chipboard, Sticker Sheet and Clear Epoxy Stickers along with the Signs of Spring Chipmates to create customized matching embellishments for my page.

Hybrid Steps:

  • I opened the Signs of Spring Chipmates file in PhotoShop, and used the Ellipse Tool to draw a white oval over the yellow sticker shape.
  • I used the Eyedropper Tool to choose a pink color from one of the other stickers, and used this color to type the words “a baby” over the white area of my yellow sticker.
  • Next, I printed out the sticker sheet onto the RFH sticker paper (be sure to print a test page first to make sure the stickers line up correctly).
  • For the yellow title sticker, I just adhered it to the matching chipboard sticker and placed the matching epoxy sticker on top to create a custom title sticker.
  • For the green and blue chipboard arrows and the yellow heart, I cut the stickers out by hand before adhering them to the matching chipboard. This gives them an uneven edge, so the chipboad underneath shows a bit.
  • I added an epoxy sticker over the heart, but I didn’t use them on the arrows, instead I created even more dimension by using the Alphablends stickers on top.

Orchid Farm

This layout was for the March BAP (Build-a-Page) Sketch.

Orchid Farm

Digital Supplies: Beautiful Day Kit by Vera Lim; font: Century Gothic

Supplies: All from Prima – Loft 18 Burgandy #520045; Elysee Lace#519520; Sprites #517212; Center Kissed Round 6 mm # 520700; Whispered Words #812119; and Steel Toe Mary Jane paper #602178

Tip: to create the blue block of color along the right hand side of the page, I opened the background (digital) paper in Photoshop and drew a rough selection using the lasso tool, then I feathered the selection and on a new layer, I filled the selection with white. Next, I layered the blue digital paper on top and “clipped” it to my shape, using the keyboard commands ctrl+alt+g, then ctrl+e (commands might vary depending on the version of Photoshop you use).

Thank You Card (originally seen here)

Thank You Card

Digital Supplies: Prima Fancies Silhouettes #1 by Valerie Foster

Physical Supplies: From Prima – Fancies #518806; Whispered Words #812010; Build-A-Bauble #400033; and The Bitty Bag paper flowers #506988. Other supplies: blank card, pink brad and a pen.

Hybrid Steps:

In Photoshop, I created a new document with the same dimensions as my blank card. I opened the Mixed Fancies digital image, and positioned it on the front of the card. I used the custom paper size option in my printer settings to enter the card dimensions. Before printing, I checked my print preview, to be sure that things were lined up correctly. Then I printed the image right onto the blank card. I used a brad to attach the flowers onto the perfectly coordinating design. Finally, I added a message and a few more embellishments and I was done!

Card, Tag and Gift Bag  Set (originally seen here)

Card, Gift Bag and Tag Set

Digital Supplies: Parcel Post digital stickers by IOD

Physical Supplies: From Prima – Fancies #518639, Mulberry Paper Leaves 170684, Elysee ribbons 519513 & 519520, Belle Fleur 518042 & 518059, Voila! Art Strips 880200, Whispered Words 812119 & 812010, RFH sticker sheet, & Clear Epoxy Stickers #400002. Other Supplies: Kraft cardstock and gift bag.

Tip: In Photoshop, I re-sized the digital stickers used for the card, so they would be a little smaller and fit my card better.

That’s it for today, more to come soon!

Free Hybrid Photo Box with Tutorial

Yay! I can finally show you the project I made for the December 2008 issue of the DST Insider :). Every member (even the free memberships) of can download the free monthly ezine – so if you aren’t signed up already, I highly recommend it! You will join over 18,000 members who already have access to everything the DST Insider has to offer. This month’s issue is of course exploding with Christmas craft ideas – HYBRID HEAVEN :)!!! I have a few projects in there, plus this free project download created with papers from my Christmas Heart kit.

Update: Since this was a free download from the 2008 issue (no longer available) I have uploaded the link for you:

Link Expired, Sorry! *Click Here for the Free Printable Photo Box Download Page*

The project is a little paper box which opens up to reveal tiny scrapbook pages :). You can place single photos on the pages or size-down your favorite digital scrapbook pages to put on there. You can also easily turn this box into a Christmas tree ornament like I did in the example below. What fun :)!

Hybrid Photo Box

Credits: Free printable project by Jess Gordon, flowers and gems by Prima.

Open Hybrid Photo Box

Hybrid Photo Box Tutorial

Hybrid Photo Box Step 1Photo Box – Outside

This is the outside of the box, it just needs to be printed. If you print it first, before getting started on the box inside it will have a chance to dry before you print the opposite side.

IMPORTANT: Before printing, be sure to select “printable area: center” in your page set up (wording may be different depending on your printer), so the edges will line up when you print the other side. Do not cut this shape out until you have printed the other side of the page!

Tips: for best results, print on double-sided, matte photo paper. To save ink and paper, you can draw a white box over the text on this and other pages before printing, using your photo editing software.

Making the Inside Pages
Hybrid Photo Box Step 2

Step 1 – Open the .psd file called “JG_Hybrid_Photo_Box_Layers.psd” in your photo-editing software. These are the photo pages. Place photos or tiny layouts resized to 2”x2” behind the frames in the spaces indicated. Turn off the text layers before printing. You can make as many or as few of these layers as you like – two color options are available :).  They look best if the images are all facing toward the center.

Step 2- Print all of your pages. If you use double-sided, matte photo paper, you can print on both sides – just make sure to choose “center” in your printer settings so that the pages line up properly, and do not cut the shape out until you have printed the other side of the page!! If you decide to print on both sides, at least one set of pages should be printed on the opposite side of the striped outside layer.

Hybrid Photo Box Step 3
Step 3 – Cut out all of your pieces. Fold each page upward to create a box shape.

Step 4 – For multiple pages, attach each new page layer to the one below with a bit of adhesive around the center.

Making the Photo Box Lid

Hybrid Photo Box Step 4Print, cut out. Cut along solid lines, fold along dotted lines. Adhere the little flaps at the corners to the insides of the box edges using tape or any other adhesive. Note: If you plan to make the box into a Christmas tree ornament, you may want to punch holes in the centers before folding.

Christmas Ornament Variation

Follow steps 1-3, except punch a hole in the center of the lid and all pages before folding. If you have multiple pages, adhere them at the centers, carefully lining up each hole. Thread a looped piece of ribbon, yarn, string, etc through the box base and lid, allowing enough room so that you can lift the lid easily without removing it from the loop, then knot at the bottom of the box.

There you have it! I hope you get a chance to make one of these – I really love how mine came out :). Remember, this project is a free download as part of this month’s DST Insider :)!

Tips for Storing Lumpy Scrapbook Pages

Here’s a great question about lumpy pages from a Scrapbook Ideas reader (she was asking about hybrid pages, but this applies to traditional scrapbook pages as well):

I’m curious about what you do with the layouts after you have transformed them. Do they go in a shadowbox or a frame without glass or are they slim enough to fit in an album? – Stephanie

Here is a little list of tips and tricks I have picked up along the way (lots of them from other Prima Hybrid flower girls). I’m sure there are more great ideas out there, so please add yours in the comments section if you have them :)!!

Tips for Storing Lumpy Scrapbook Pages

  • Firstly, if you are storing your pages in albums, it is best to store your albums vertically, rather than stacked in a pile. This will take some of the weight off of your pages and they will be less likely to get indents and/or crushed embellishments. Also, try not to store them too tightly packed together for the same reasons.
  • You can store lumpy pages in top-loading plastic page protectors, but you may need to trim a bit off the edges if they are really thick. Make sure the album and page protectors are nice and thick, so they will stand the test of time.
  • You might also want to try storing only on page in each page protector (instead of two back-to-back). This is also works well if you have journalling on the back of your page, as I often do.
  • You won’t be able to fit as many pages into your album if they are lumpy, so be prepared to either buy a larger capacity album or use multiple albums. 
  • The album might start to fan out a bit too much if the binding is too narrow. When using post-bound albums, you can remedy this problem by adding extra spacers between the pages. Post-bound albums usually come with some cardboard strips in between the pages, so you can add more of these. I have also heard that strips of craft foam work well as spacers too.
  • If you use a binder instead of a post-bound album, the pages will have more room to breathe, plus it is easier to take the pages out and change the order of your pages this way.
  • Super lumpy pages might look best on display instead of putting them in an album. They can be framed, or clipped to a wire strung between two pegs on a wall, or placed on a plate stand, etc. But make sure to use extra strong glue, or the embellishments might fall off (yes this has happened to me)! Also, this isn’t the best idea for family heirloom photos, as there will be more damage over time from light, dust, etc.

Here’s one of my lumpy scrapbook pages :). I made this with the beautiful Harmony Collection, by Doris Castle, and it was on display in Prima’s booth at CHA Winter ’08 :).

OK, have I missed anything? I’d love to hear your solutions too, so please share :)!!!

Hybrid Ideas for Digital Quick Pages: Part 2

Are you ready for some more hybrid scrapbooking ideas? A little while ago I shared some simple ideas to get things rolling, to see Part 1 *Click Here*. Today we are going to kick it up a notch and try some techniques to add a little extra dimension! I apologize in advance for the bad photos, they totally don’t do justice to the gorgeous colors and details of Gina’s designs as seen in the Loving You Quick Album pages.

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #4: Pop Up Parts of Your Page

This technique is super easy to do and really makes a difference!

Tip For Printing Digital Quick Page For Hybrid Scrapbooking Digital Steps: I added my photo and journaling to the premade Loving You Quick Album page, flattened, resized the layout to 8″x8″ inches (so it will fit into my son’s album). Then I opened an 8.5″x11″ size blank document, and placed the flattened digital page toward the top. THEN, this is key, using the rectangular marquee tool in Photoshop (or any other selection tool), I selected just the section of the page containing the journaling strips, copied the selection to a new layer, and placed it at the bottom of the page. Lastly, I printed this out on matte photo paper.

Hybrid Steps: After allowing the page to dry, I cropped out the base page. I also cut out each journaling strip from the duplicated portion of my page. Using foam adhesive (for a 3D effect), I adhered the Journaling strips above their corresponding locations on the page.

 Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #5: Pop Up Elements on Your Page

After adding a piece of ribbon to the bottom of my page, I also added extra height to the chipboard “g” sticker, using the same foam adhesive. Lastly, I added a few crystal swirls and hearts (all embellishments are from

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #6: Pop Up – With a Twist

This last idea is a variation of number 4 above, and is a great way to instantly multiply elements on your page.

Digital Steps: I added my photo and journaling to the premade Loving You Quick Album page, flattened, resized the layout to 8″x8″ inches. Then, like before, I opened an 8.5″x11″ size blank document, and placed the flattened digital page at the top. Then, using the lasso tool in Photoshop (or any other selection tool), I selected just the section of the page containing the two flowers at the top of the page, copied the selection to a new layer, and placed it at the bottom of the page. Lastly, I printed this out on matte photo paper.

Hybrid Steps: When the page was dry, I cropped it to size. I also carefully cut out the flower elements from the duplicated portion of my page. Here’s the trick: before re-attaching the flowers, I rotated them a bit. Then I used regular (not 3D) adhesive to attach just the centers of the flowers to the page. Lastly, I used my fingers to curl the edges of the flowers upward and inward to help them pop even more :). See how quickly you can multiply two flowers into four? For even more variation, you might want to try resizing the elements slightly before printing, too. 

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

 Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

That’s all for today! I have more ideas to share, so be on the look out for another post soon :)


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Hybrid Ideas For Digital Quick Pages

I’m still finishing up some Weeds and Wildflowers goodies I have been working on, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some of the hybrid scrapbook pages I made using the Loving You Quick Album (note: this is a regular quick album, which can be used for 100% digital pages as well). If you’re interested in hybrid scrapbooking but you’re worried it will be too time consuming – these ideas could help speed things up!

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #1: Start Simple

If you’re just getting started with hybrid, you don’t have to try a super complicated project at first! Here’s my process for the following page:

Digital Steps: Added my photos and journaling to the premade quick page, flattened, resized the layout to 8″x8″ and printed it out.

Hybrid Steps: After allowing the page a bit of drying time, I added the chipboard stickers to spell “love”, then added a few heart crystals (both from

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Close Up Details:

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #2: Embellishments Can Bring Unity To Your Page

The last thing you want to do is randomly slap some decorations on your page just for the sake of making it hybrid. If you choose your physical supplies wisely, they will unify the look of your page and help blend the digital and physical together.  On the page above, I used some heart shaped jewels to accentuate the pretty little hearts from the digital portion of the page. I also tied the digital and physical aspects of the page together by finishing my digitally created journaling off with a chipboard word. 

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #3: Plan Ahead For Physical Embellishment

For me, it really helps to have a pretty good idea what I want my final hybrid page to look like BEFORE I design the digital part. Here’s my process for the page below:

Digital Steps: Added my photos to the quick page. Knowing I intended to add the crystal swirl, I placed my journaling along the outer edge of the page (I had measured the swirl in advance to make sure it would fit). Finally, I flattened and resized the layout to 8″x8″, then printed it out.

Hybrid Steps: After allowing the page to dry, I added the crystal swirl and flower (both from

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Lovely Flower Detail:

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

I have a bunch more hybrid quick page ideas to share, so I think I will have to save the rest for another post. If you’d like to “read ahead” you can check out the slide show found here, to see some more of the pages :).

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Inspiration from Inspire Company

Inspire Company

Sometimes it’s a good idea to look outside the immediate circle of your scrapbooking world to find some great inspiration! I have been a fan of Inspire Company for years, and have read Amy’s blog almost since the very beginning. I’ve always loved how creative she is, and that she manages to share so many of her creative ideas with others. I don’t know how she has found the time to make so many delightful pieces of art, and still run her charming online shop, plus sell even more of her beautiful creations at The Cottage, which I was lucky enough to visit last time I was in Virginia (photo at left), AND have time to blog about everything and design the prettiest little magazine to spark all kinds of creativity in others too! On top of all of this, she and her husband have also recently become foster parents – what a wonderfully generous soul :)! OK, now that you know how much I {heart} Inspire Company – let’s get on to the actual inspiration, shall we? A while back, I showed you my new inspiration journal, but I didn’t tell you what motivated me to make it – Amy’s new *FREE* online magazine: Inspired Ideas. She has released three issues so far, and each one contains a new project for your creativity journal. There are other projects in the magazine too – in fact, the whole thing is just a wealth of bright ideas! Here are some of the Inspired Ideas projects I’ve made so far:

From Volume 1, No. 1: Make a Cake

Ribbon Cake Card

*Click Here For Credits*

From Volume 1, No. 2: May Day! May Day!

Mar Day Vase

*Click Here For Credits*

From Volume 1, No. 2: Flower Girls

Flower Girls

Flower Girls Details

*Click Here For Credits*

From Volume 1, No. 2: Princess and the Pea

Princess and the Pea Bed

(Credits: Lots of scraps from all over my scraproom LOL! Just ask if you’re dying to know where I got something, OK?)

See what I mean? Inspiration galore! Amy provides detailed instructions for all of these projects in the magazine, which I followed pretty closely, except that I printed the May Day vase decorations and the Princess and the Pea bed on ink jet transparencies to make my life a tad bit easier :). Anyway, I hope you’ll check Inspire Company out, if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed!!

P.S. Amy, if you’re reading this – I’m ready for the next edition of Inspired Ideas now ;)!!

National Scrapbook Day Recap

Well, I hope your day has been as lovely as mine has, there’s nothing like a whole day to celebrate SCRAPBOOKING :)! I know I was only able to see a tiny portion of the events going on in the scrapbooking world – but I almost prefer it that way, it can be a bit overwhelming to see SO many sales, and SO many freebies, challenges, chats, prizes etc! Phew!

Speaking of which, I’m sorry if I have overwhelmed you by posting so many times today (especially you, email subscribers)! I don’t usually do that, but I haven’t had a chance to blog in so long, and my husband was soooooo sweet to watch Gabe for me today while I helped host the Prima Hybrid Crop, surfed a few other events, shared tons of my most recent projects, and of course, got some scrapbooking done!!! (Thanks Babe)!!!

Anyway, in case you missed some (or all) of my NSD postings in all the excitement, here’s a little recap for you. If you are reading this on Saturday night or Sunday, you might still be able to catch some of these :)!

Prima Hybrid Flower Girl Blog Party: Click here to grab my free template and blog hop to find lots more too!

Shabby Miss Jenn: Big sale with tons of super adorable kits for $1 each!!!

Weeds and Wildflowers: Click to learn more about the huge sale and my NEW quick Album :)! Also, I shared a mini review of Heidi’s revised kit.

Prima Hybrid NSD Crop Party: Click to read about my Layout Challenge ALSO Click to read about my Prima Flower Challenge, they end Sunday night :).

And here are a few other things I came across today that should be noted:

1) A fun and funky FREE kit by Emily Powers can be found here.

2) ScrapArtist is selling a super-sized collab kit for only $3.33 (for their 3rd Birthday :)!

3) If you are STILL looking for more, I’m sure you can find all you need at the DigiShop Talk {I}NSD Forum!

Wow, I blogged eight times today! That has to be my all-time record :)! Hmmm, how shall I celebrate? Leave me a comment on any of today’s (May 3rd’s) blog posts telling me your favorite thing about National Scrapbook Day, and perhaps I will choose one or two people to send a little gift too ;)!



My Prima Flowers Challenge!

*ARE YOU HERE FOR THE BLOG PARTY FREEBIE?* Scroll down to the first post of the day, I’ve been blogging a lot today :)!!!

Have you SEEN all the awesome challenges going on at Prima Hybrid?? I have learned a lot and I’m filled with ideas I want to try now :)! If you want to get in on the fun, and possibly win some prizes, go check it out – the deadline for all the challenges is tomorrow evening :).

Here’s my second challenge (of two) for the Prima Hybrid crop: Prima Flowers Challenge!

OK, so this one is even easier than my first one (IF you like flowers as much as I do, that is)! Remember: each challenge has a winner, so with 17 challenges, your chances of winning some Prima Hybrid prizes are pretty good :)!!! Please check it out, I love seeing your projects!!

And here’s my layout for the Prima flower challenge :)….

 So In Love

*Click Here For Credits*


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