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My Layout Challenge at Prima Hybrid!

*LOOKING FOR THE BLOG PARTY FREEBIE?* Scroll down a few posts, I’ve been blogging a lot today :)!!!

Wow, there are already TEN challenges going on at Prima Hybrid right now! They are such beautiful and inspiring projects – I want to try them ALL :).

Here’s my first one (of two): Hybrid Layout Challenge: Grow!!

Trust me, it’s an easy one! And each challenge has a winner, so your chances of winning some Prima Hybrid digital AND physical goodies are very high :)!!! Please check it out, I’m so excited to see what you make!!

Here’s my layout for the challenge:

Growing Like A Weed

*Click Here For Credits*



Inspiration Journal

Can you believe that up until yesterday I did not have my very own Inspiration Journal? I’ve been keeping all of my bits and pieces of inspiration and notes about my ideas in piles and drawers for many years now. But recently, I have undertaken a huge scrap room organization project to make way for all of the awesome stuff Prima Hybrid keeps sending me! So I decided it was finally time to make an inspiration journal to keep my overflowing bounty of creative ideas in :). Here’s what I made (using mostly Prima Hybrid Supplies):
Inspiration Journal

Inspiration Journal Detail

*Click Here For Credits*

Tips and Tricks

  • I printed the “Silhouette Gem Strips Hearts” by IOD, on transparency film, then used “Clearly IOD Tape” to adhere the strip on the journal cover before adding the gem hearts.
  • I used a scallop edged punch to make the white shape, and used a tiny heart shaped hole punch to add some extra detail to the scallops.
  • The title was from a magazine ad I clipped – perfect, isn’t it?
  • The purple paper along the binding is the original design of the journal – I liked how it looked with the Steel Toe Mary Jane papers, so I didn’t cover it :).

That was easy – now I just need to find the time to fill my journal with inspiration!


Peice-a-Cake Albums by Shabby Princess

Hybrid Scrapbook CoverDon’t you love that name – “Piece-a-Cake Albums“?? That’s what the quick albums by Shabby Princess are called, and it’s such a fitting name! The design work is already done with her gorgeous kits, you just add your photos and assemble a beautiful album :). I wanted to show you a hybrid album I made for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday recently. I was trying to decide if I should use an album that was mostly pink, since she’s a girl and likes pretty things, or use an album that was mostly blue – since the photos were all of my son, who’s a boy. I decided to do both, and I’m quite pleased with the result :)! I used the Modish Girl and Modish Boy albums together on alternating pages of the book – they coordinate perfectly to make an album that’s not too boyish for a girl to like and not to girly for boy pictures! Oh, and I just wanted to point out that I used flowers and jewels by Prima and Rub-ons by Making Memories to decorate the front of this album :). Want to see the inside?

Shabby Princess Piece-a-Cake Album

Shabby Princess Piece-a-Cake Album

Shabby Princess Piece-a-Cake Album

Shabby Princess Piece-a-Cake Album

I really enjoy designing my own pages, but sometimes it is so great to use these quick albums to make a hybrid book like this, because I know that they will all coordinate perfectly to make a beautiful book. Then I can focus on adding special touches to the hybrid part of it :).

OK, that’s all for now. I will have LOTS more Shabby Princess creations to share with you very soon, though :)!


Vertical Type Tips (plus a faithbook page)

After memorizing last week’s Bible verse, I decided that as wonderful as it was, it just wasn’t the same without the two preceding verses. So this week’s memory verse card has Ephesians 2:8-9, so I can put it on the page opposite last week’s card :). Here’s this week’s card using, of course, a quick page from the brag book by SMJ and Dani:


And in case you missed it, here’s last week’s memory verse card, which will go on the next page in the mini book I’m in the process of making:

Ephesians 2 verse 10

Last week the scrapbooks at Hobby Lobby were 50% off, so I bought this 5×7 Paper Studio album for about $2.50, I think it will be just the thing to hold these pages!

5×7 Album from Crafts Etc.

Photoshop Techniques: Vertical Type Tool 

OK, so let’s talk about the vertical type tool in Photoshop. This is pretty basic info, so advanced users can run along now LOL! But I know that there are many beginner Photoshop users reading, so this one is for you :)! As I have mentioned before, I am totally self taught in Photoshop, so it took me a while to figure out certain things. The vertical type tool is one of the things I didn’t notice right away, believe it or not!

Vertical Type Tool

Most of the tools in the Photoshop toolbar have tiny arrows to the bottom-left of the tool icon, this means that there are additional tools hidden behind that tool. If you right-click on the tool icon, a fly-out window will appear showing the rest of the tools. So, as you can see in the image to the right, the Vertical Type Tool is hidden behind the default Horizontal Type Tool. Using this tool is different than typing a line of text and rotating it 90 degrees to achieve a vertical line of text, because with this tool, the letters stay vertical instead of being turned on their sides. I used the Vertical Type Tool to type the word “Grace” on today’s memory verse quick page. I like to keep three tips in mind when using the Vertical Type Tool:

  • Choose a solid, wide, possibly decorative font  – think about whether each letter can hold it’s own on the page.
  • In most cases, use all capital letters, since this will ensure that each letter is the same height.
  • Keep in mind that the tools in the character palette still work with the Vertical type Tool (so you can add more space between the letters with the “Set the leading” tool, for example).  

To illustrate these points, here is an example of what the word “Grace” would have looked like if typed with the same font I used for the rest of the card (Book Antiqua), with only the first letter capitalized. Next to that is the word typed in all caps with a font called Extra Ornamental.

Vertical Type Examples

Looks better the second way, right? At least I think so :).

OK, I’m off to do some scrapping! I want to make a page for Shabby Miss Jenn’s challenge, so I can use the AWESOME freebie she’s offering :)!!!

Hybrid Challenge at ScrapArtist

It’s been a while since I have participated in one of the challenges at the ScrapArtist blog, and since there is a hybrid one going on right now, I couldn’t resist :)! The challenge is to ink the edges, and here’s my entry:

Little One Card

*Click Here for Credits*

I was so happy to finally play with this beautiful springtime kit called In Bloom, which is only available for a limited time – so if you like it, you should get it soon! I bought it with a gift certificate from my SUPER awesome friend, Shabby Miss Jenn (THANKS again sweetie)!!! Here are previews of the kit, isn’t it lovely??

In Bloom Kit by ScrapArtist

In Bloom Kit by ScrapArtist

Another Free Template from Prima Hybrid!

*Click Here for Credits*Tiny Homemade Easter Baskets

Aren’t these little baskets ADORABLE??? A few weeks ago I noticed these gorgeous little treasures made by Laura, and I just HAD to make some of my own! Luckily, expert template maker Melinda, was sweet enough to create this super cute basket template, which is now available for FREE at Prima Hybrid – just in time for Easter :). Grab yours right here!

Quick Tip: I used double-sided matte photo paper, and printed on both sides so that the folded down scalloped edges would be pretty too :)!

Free Template and Challenge at Prima Hybrid

Just wanted to share the little gift box I made with the latest free template from Prima Hybrid :). You can pick up the template here. And if you use it, be sure to enter it into this week’s challenge for a chance to win!

Flower Box - Free Template

*Click here for credits*

Tips and Tricks

  • Rather than using digital paper to decorate my box template, I decided to just add some digital elements randomly scattered over the box, leaving empty white spaces in between.
  • For extra color, I added some pretty designs with acrylic stamps. I also wrote some little sentiments on the box, using pens with matching ink colors.
  •  I finished off the box by adding a few chipboard decorations and a nice big flower, for depth and texture :)!

I hope you try one of these, I had fun making mine :)!

New, Inspiring Scrapbooking Site!

Just wanted to spread the word about a cool new site for scrapbookers: Scrap & Mac! I love the bright, clean look to this site by Ruthie, and I love that she includes all types of scrapbooking on her site too; paper, digital and hybrid :)! The site includes featured designer spotlights, which are a great way to learn more about other scrapbookers. Even though it’s a brand new site, she has already featured Ali Edwards, Shabby Miss Jenn, Noell Hyman and even little ol’ me (although I hardly feel worthy being featured next to those superstar scrappers)!!! Oh, and you may have guessed it by the title, but the site is especially catered toward Mac users (so if you have Mac questions, go to Ruthie – I’m clueless in that area)!

If you want to see the designer spotlight about me, click here. There is even a slide show that you can add images to that are inspired by my work. So all you ladies who have sent me links to pages you’ve made with my templates and freebies, etc. should add them to the slide show for everyone to admire :). And if you do, please let me know :)!

Looking for Scrapbooking Tutorials?

I have had this post-it note on my desk for ages with a list of some great blogs with scrapbooking tutorials – it’s about time I share it! Here they are in no particular order (and please, if you know of some more great sources, leave a comment to let us know)!!

Misty Cato – Here is a great selection of digital scrapbooking tutorials using Photoshop – I’ve learned a lot from her blog.

Emily Giovanni – Lots of cool tutorials for scrapbooking, altered items, and even some digi scrapping. Tons of beautiful cards too – this gal has a lot of talent!

Everyday Digital Scrapbooking – TONS of tutorials, including an awesome Hybrid scrapbooking section :).

Leah Fung’s Video Blogging - Check out Leah Fung’s blog to see vblog sessions created by Leah and some of my other favorite designers who were on Scrapbook Lifestyle. These ideas are perfect for paper or hybrid projects.

Hummie’s World – Digital scrapbooking tutorials for Photoshop Elements (but they can be adapted for other programs). Hummie seems like such a sweetie too!

Also, if you like to hunt for digital scrapbooking freebies, you will love these blogs:

Ikea Goddess – I knew about Angie’s freebies blog even before I started working with her at Weeds and Wildflowers, it is the go-to site for finding tons of goodies!

Happy Scrap Girl – Another great freebie source, and she also links to other goodies sometimes, like tutorials :).

Ideas for Handmade Valentine’s Gifts

**Update: I know many of you visiting for the first time this year or returning after seeing this post a few years ago are interested in the templates for the projects below, but sadly, they have been discontinued since they first came out in 2008!  I hope you enjoy the inspiration anyway, and you can still find some great free candy box templates elsewhere online by doing a quick google search for “candy box template”. Have fun!**

I have been SUPER busy making all kinds of hybrid Valentine’s gifts lately! I would have posted some of these earlier, but I have been too busy getting everything finished in time to be mailed out today :). Don’t forget to check out the credits for these – lots of the supplies I used are available at

OK, it’s show-and-tell time!

Candy Boxes (free template here)

Candy Boxes

I loved making these adorable little candy boxes! The free template was created by Cindy, one of the ultra talented Prima Hybrid Flower Girls :). The template and Cindy’s tutorial were featured in the Prima Hybrid Newsletter. You can still grab the template right here. Also check out this tutorial written by Kristin. How fun!

Chipboard Album

I really, really enjoyed making this little album!! the process totally reminded me of when I used to make collage art back in high school. I just let myself have fun and I added layers and layers of printed digital papers, photos, printed transparencies, leather flowers, printed vellum – you get the idea. I even added some pink ink where needed, it is a Valentine’s gift after all :). And since the album itself was the Valentine’s card, I added a letter to each page so that the whole album spells out “Happy Valentine’s Day”! Are you thinking “Gee – that’s a pretty extravagant Valentine’s card”? If so, I just wanted to let you in a little secret – you can buy these little albums from Oriental Trading Company for about the same price as a regular Valentines card! I love the instant gratification of making the whole album from start to finish in one day too!

“I Love You Because” Index Cards

I Love You Index Cards

When I saw the bonus word art in this quick album kit by Heidi, I instantly thought of this simple (yet fabulous) little project! I just printed out one of the “I Love You Because” designs on each 4×6 index card, added my own doodles and decorations and some quick love notes on the back. I have been leaving them around the house for my hubby  – one for each day of the week leading up to Valentines Day :)!

“My First Scrapbook” Gift

First Scrapbook Inside

I LOVED this idea when I saw Mariquita’s project in the Shabby Shoppe Gallery! My seven year old niece is getting interested in scrapbooking, so I made her this little scrapbook to encourage her :). I printed out the blank pages from Heidi’s quick album, plus some of the frames and hearts. Then I just added the pages to the blank scrapbook, and sent some frames, flowers and hearts she can use to decorate her book. She’s going to love it :)!

Chocolate Boxes (free template here)

IOD Chocolate Boxes

All the work was already done for me with these boxes! The template by Iron Orchid Designs comes pre-decorated! And there are even built-in spots for those little jewels from Prima Hybrid, but I couldn’t get my hands on them in time, so I improvised with some flower petals cut into heart shapes. The boxes were designed to fit 3 See’s chocolate bars, but I put two Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bars in and they fit nicely.

Mini File Folder Album

File Folder Album

File Folder Album (inside)

Melinda was sweet enough to send me a few of her templates to try, and I loved this little file folder album! It is on sale right now too ;)! I made two of these and I had fun mixing lots of bright, bold colors and patterns. These photos don’t do the papers justice – trust me!


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