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Hybrid Scrapbooking 101

What is Hybrid Scrapbooking?

Hybrid scrapbooking combines the tools and techniques of both digital and traditional (paper) scrapbooking, and shares a common goal with each: namely to document life’s events and memories in an artistic way. Of the three styles, hybrid scrapbooking allows the most creative freedom because it is not limited to just one source of materials. It involves the same elements as paper and digital scrapbooking (photos, memorabilia, embellishments, words, etc.), but any aspect of the scrapbook page can be generated digitally or by physical application.

How is Hybrid Scrapbooking Accomplished?

Once the basics of paper and digital scrapbooking are grasped, and providing you have access to the right tools (paper scrapbooking supplies, computer, photo editing software and printer), you can use pretty much any combination of tools and techniques together to design your ideal scrapbook page.  The only “rule” is that some aspects of the page were created on the computer, and others weren’t!

What Supplies are Needed to Get Started in Hybrid Scrapbooking?

Because hybrid scrapbooking utilizes the most resources, it also requires the most tools.  The basic supplies for the digital aspect of hybrid scrapbooking are a computer, photo editing software, and a printer (although some use printing services rather than printing at home).  The basic supplies for the paper aspect are, of course, paper and usually some type of album to keep the pages in. Then there are the photos, which can be digital or printed. Finally, add any other embellishment you can find, traditional or digital!

How Can Hybrid Scrapbook Pages be Preserved?

The same rules for preservation of traditional and digital scrapbooking apply to hybrid scrapbooking. Any paper elements used should be acid and lignin free if possible. If prints are made of digital elements, it is a good idea to use acid free inks and papers, as well. Although, I must admit that I don’t worry too much about preservation, I like to feel free to use any supplies I like one my scrapbook pages and projects :). Besides, all of my most important photos and (scanned in) documents are saved on my computer and backed up lest anything should happen to my scrapbooks :)!


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