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Travel Scrapbooking Tips {100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas! Day 53}

Scrapbooking your summer travels? Here’s another scrapbook idea for you: take photos of the plants, flowers and other natural surroundings in your travel locations! People almost always take photos of the tourist attractions, but you may not think to take a photo of a tree or flower you wouldn’t see at home.

For my the Aruba vacation scrapbook I made back in 2003, I designed these scrapbook pages using photos, postcards and magazine clippings all showcasing the beautiful plants and landscapes of Aruba.

Be sure to document the names of the plants and where they were, if you can find out some information about them.

By-the-way, the postcard shown in the first image is inserted to a clear mini page protector I made for it. I didn’t want to attach it to the page, because it has some information about the cool Divi Divi trees found in Aruba. For more ideas about using postcards in travel scrapbooks, see this post: Don’t Forget the Postcards! {100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas! Day 19}

Summer Travel Scrapbook Ideas {100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas! Day 12}

Are you planning on traveling this summer? Here are a few travel scrapbook ideas from my Hawaii trip scrapbook and my old favorite – the Aruba honeymoon scrapbook from 2003 :).

Travel Scrapbook Ideas:

  • If you fly, save the flight pattern map from the magazine on the airplane to show the route you took.
  • Save your baggage claim tickets – especially if they’re pink ;).
  • Record how many miles to your destination.
  • Write about how you traveled (by car, plane, train, etc). If possible, include a picture of the vehicle you traveled in.
  • Consider adding embellishments like globes, maps, a compass or the flag of the country you visited.

Do you have some travel scrapbook ideas? Please share them in the comments section – I would love to have some more great ideas for my travel scrapbooks :)!

100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas {Day 4: Travel Scrapbook Idea}

Travel Scrapbook Idea: Document the Unique Details of Your Surroundings

Are you planning any travels for the summer months this year? Here’s a little tip to keep in mind for your summer travels scrapbook: keep an eye out for details about your vacation destination that are unique and different from your daily life. Try to get some photos to capture what makes the location special. One thing we noticed right away on our honey moon to Aruba was that there were grass huts called palapas on the beaches – we had never seen them before in person, so I took lots of pictures of them and added a little paragraph about them to my scrapbook :)!

Scrappin’ Beach Photos

Just a quick post to share a page I made with Shabby Miss Jenn’s latest kit, Beach Shack. Every time SMJ puts out a beach themed kit, I just HAVE to pull out the photos from my honeymoon and re-scrap them LOL!

Romance in Aruba

Photoshop Tips and Tricks:

  • I layered the aqua wooden background over the brown wooden background, and used the eraser tool with a soft-edged brush to erase just around some of the outer edges. First I erased at 100% opacity, then I lowered the opacity to about 25% and erased again over the edge to soften the transition even more. Because the wood grain is the same on both backgrounds, this method helps the two backgrounds to blend together, giving the wood a faded time-worn look.
  • I duplicated the title “Romance” several times, changed the blend mode to “color” and the opacity to 38%, and used it to add a little more color and detail throughout the background of the page.
  • Since the subjects of the photo are so tiny, I placed photo corners around them, to help them stand out a bit more :).

So, anyway, this is my new favorite kit for beach photos!!! Isn’t it AWESOME???

Beach Shack kit, by SMJ

Now if you get some beach photos this summer, you will know where to go :)!



Technique: Digital Brushes

Memories of Aruba

Credits Everything I used is from my Seaside Cottage kit except the brush work, which is from a little brush I also made. Fonts: Aquiline Two and Century Schoolbook.

I just had to play around with my Seaside Cottage papers! If you missed yesterday’s post, look here to find out more info about this kit and how you can get it for free (if you’re a blogger). I didn’t include an alpha in the original kit, so I’m thinking of making one as a freebie, I just have to decide the font, colors, etc. I might just do a simple one like the one I made for this page. What do you think?

Technique: Digital Brushes

Digital Brush

It is so easy to make your own digital brushes to use on your pages if you have Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements! Here’s what I did to make the borders on the page above. 1) I opened a new transparent layer. 2) I selected the brush tool and choose a round brush with a 60 point diameter. 3) I used the brush to make a circle on the page using black as my foreground color. 4) I then selected the eraser tool and choose a round brush with a 24 point diameter. 5) Next, I used the brush to erase a hole in the bottom left part of the bigger circle and to take a “bite” out of the lower right side. 6) I switched back to the brush tool, picked the round 19 point circle and, using black as my foreground color, I placed a circle just outside the “bite” in the big circle. 7) To make my own brush out of this little image, I just selected around it with the rectangular marquee tool. Then, while it was still selected, I went to the “edit” pull-down menu and selected “Define Brush Preset” and clicked “OK” in the message box. 

You can make a brush out of anything you want, it’s a fun and easy way to get your own custom look. To make my border using this brush, I just choose the newly created brush from the brush pallet, used the color picker to select a color I liked from the page, and played around with the “size”, “spacing” and “angle” options in the brushes palette to achieve a random look.  There are endless possibilities with this technique, the best way to learn is by experimenting, so give it a try :)

Tip: Holding down the shift key while using your brush will help you create a straight line!


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