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Printing on Textured Paper

A while back, I shared a hybrid scrapbook page with a digital design printed on textured paper (in this post) which prompted the following question from Kelleigh:

I have a question, though. You printed your layout onto textured cardstock, right? Was there anything special about your textured cardstock, or is it just the regular stuff you can pick up at your scrapbooking store? I would love to print on textured, but I didn’t think anyone did that . . . Free me from my rut!

This is a great question, so I thought I’d share my answer here, in case someone else is also wondering :).

Vera Lim’s A Little Magic Vol 2 printed on Canson paper:
Printing on Textured Cardstock

There are a few things to consider when printing on textured paper:
1) It is very important to check your printer manual about what types of papers to use. I use and Epson printer, and the manual is very clear that you should NOT use non-Epson papers and inks because they might ruin the printer. BUT, since my printer is old (the warranty is long since expired) and I really wanted to try it, I did. You should just be aware and proceed with caution ;).
2) Colors will not be as bright and/or accurate when printing on non-photo papers. So remember that when you are planning your project. If you are looking for a bright, vibrant print, photo papers are a better option.
3) Text will not print as clearly on textured cardstock. Probably not the best choice for long, heart-felt journaling in a small sized font ;).
That being said, I still love the look of printing on textured paper!! I like the worn “shabby” look, and it just adds that little extra something :)! It is just not for every project, so it’s good to keep those tips in mind when deciding if textured is the way to go :).


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