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Stamped Gift Wrap Tutorial

One way to add a personal touch to gifts is by designing your own gift wrap. Handmade gift wrap doesn’t need to be fancy or perfect, in fact, imperfections add to the charm and homemade feel! Today I’m going to show you how I made some wrapping paper using stamps. For this project, I used a roll of white wrapping paper purchased at a craft store. If you decide to use colored paper, remember that paint and ink colors look different on colored paper than on white.

Supplies for Stamped Gift Wrap:

Plain wrapping paper
Paint, ink, glitter glue or anything else to decorate with
Stamps, stamping block (for clear stamps)
Foam brush and something to put paint in if using paint
masking tape and scissors

How to Make Stamped Gift Wrap

  • Cut a large piece of plain gift wrap and spread out over a flat workspace, tape in place using a bit of masking tape in the corners.
  • Decide on a pattern for your gift wrap. I used clear stamps (by Prima) to design mine so I was able to line things up to make a continuous pattern. I left space on one side of my pattern so that I could stamp additional designs into the pattern with another color (see image 1 below).
  • Use a foam brush to paint the stamps with green acrylic paint, then stamp the design in rows, adding fresh paint each time (see image 2). Stagger the beginnings of the rows, for a more pleasing pattern.
  • After finishing all the green stamping, wash the foam brush and stamps, then begin with the red parts of the pattern. Since I used a small stamp for the red, I just used an ink pad instead of paint. I used a smaller stamp block too, for more control (see image 3).
  • After finishing the red stamping, wash the stamp and stamp block, then add some final touches to your design with glitter glue. I put stripes of gold glitter glue in between each row of my stamped pattern (image 4).
  • Be sure to allow plenty of drying time before you use your new hand stamped gift wrap!

Have you ever made homemade gift wrap? I’d love to hear about it – please share your ideas in the comments section :)!

Here’s another idea: if you have access to a wide-format printer, try printing digital scrapbook paper onto large sheets of sketch paper, as seen at the bottom of this post I wrote in 2007: Homemade Christmas. The same idea could be used for smaller gifts by printing on regular sized printer paper too!

Link Love :)

One of my favorite things about monitoring my site stats is that I get to see which other sites are linking here. It’s a neat way to find other scrapbookers who share my interests, and I always learn something new by visiting these other sites :). I thought I’d let you in on the fun, so you can check out these great sites too! Here are some that have linked here recently (be sure to browse their sites for even more inspiration):

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Also check out this adorable page, by Kristine :).

And there are always the fabulous freebie lists by Angie and Maria

Now, it has been a little while, but these two sites link here from time to time, and I LOVE visiting them, because I always learn sooooo much :)!! Allison’s Stampin’ When I Can site, and her Stamping Links to Love site (check often, because the links are always changing)!

OK, those are the most recent ones I’ve found, I hope you enjoy them :)!!


Free Kit from Shabby Princess!

I finally got a chance to use the the latest free kit from Shabby Princess! Here’s a card I made for a sweet friend, using patterned papers from the kit :).
Thanks a Bunch Card

*Click Here for Credits*

I’m in loooooove with this beautiful kit, called the Promise Collection – can you believe she gives kits like this away for free?? Oh, and I love how pretty the site looks, since she decorated it to match the new kit :)! Perfect for spring :)!
Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Shabby Princess


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