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Digital Scrapbook Pages for Summertime {100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas! Day 48}

Finding time for scrapbooking in the summer can be quite the challenge, but these gorgeous digital scrapbooking templates, from the Shabby Shoppe blog have really helped me! I finished my May layout for Project Scrap today, now I just need to make one for June and I will be all caught up for 2012 – yippie!

Credits: Everything is by the Shabby Princess; free Project Scrap 2012 templates from the blog, papers are from the Occasions Collection; letters, ribbon bow, and folder tab from the Sandbox collection; and flowers are from various other kits from the Shabby Shoppe :).

Summer Brights Freebie Paper Pack {100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas! Day 21}

Here are some SUPER bright and bold digital scrapboook papers for your summer scrapbook layouts – hope you have a wonderful weekend :)!

*Click here to go to the download page*

Faithbooking Idea {100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas! Day 17}

Faithbooking can be for everyday photos as well as for special events or spiritual milestones. Have you ever been enjoying an ordinary day and felt the peace of God flood your heart, or a feeling of joy and gratitude for the blessings the Lord has given you? These are perfect times to document your thankfulness to God through faithbooking! You could journal about your thoughts or feelings, add a prayer of thanksgiving or simply record a Bible verse to express how you are feeling, like I did on the layout below.

Credits: Photo book printed by Mixbook, digital papers are from the Loveliness paper pack.

Patriotic Colors {100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas! Day 10}

Today is Memorial day here in the USA, so I thought I’d share a scrapbook page with patriotic colors: red, white and blue! I am so thankful for the freedom I enjoy as an American, and especially on Memorial Day I am mindful that freedom is never free. This layout is not about a patriotic holiday, but as I was putting it together I realized that the colors are perfect for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July.

Layout credits: Everything is from the Shabby Shoppe: Summer Cottage and the FREE Easy-As-Pie Template 23. Note: I also noticed that there is a super cute add-on to the Summer Cottage kit, that has lots of patriotic embellishments :)!

Free Beachy Quick Page {100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas! Day 7}

Happy Friday, hope you have fun weekend plans! Here’s a little freebie for you – a beachy digital quick page :).

This photo is from our trip to the beach when I was pregnant with Julia. I can’t believe she is now the age Gabe was in this photo…and I can’t believe I haven’t scrapbooked these photos yet – LOL!

*Click here to go to the download page*

The download includes a 12″x12″ png file with a “hole” for the photo (to use in Photoshop, etc) and a 12″x12″ jpeg file for printing or uploading to photo book software. Enjoy!

100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas {Day 5: Nature Photography Tip}

Today’s summer scrapbooking tip is a quick one, but it’s something I hadn’t thought of until recently when I saw a similar style on a professional photographer’s site.

If you will be spending time outside this summer, you might enjoy this tip for photographing nature: try positioning yourself behind some natural foliage or flowers and shooting through them to create a dreamy look around your subject. You will need to be careful that your camera is focused on the subject of your photo, so that the leaves or flowers in the foreground become blurry, not vice versa. I have seen this effect done with portraits too!

This page is another one from my Summer Flowers photo book, the paper is from my Loveliness freebie :).

100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas {Day 4: Travel Scrapbook Idea}

Travel Scrapbook Idea: Document the Unique Details of Your Surroundings

Are you planning any travels for the summer months this year? Here’s a little tip to keep in mind for your summer travels scrapbook: keep an eye out for details about your vacation destination that are unique and different from your daily life. Try to get some photos to capture what makes the location special. One thing we noticed right away on our honey moon to Aruba was that there were grass huts called palapas on the beaches – we had never seen them before in person, so I took lots of pictures of them and added a little paragraph about them to my scrapbook :)!

100 Days of Summer Scrapbook Ideas {Day 2: Collecting Summer Favorites}

Is there something you tend to take LOTS of photos of every summer? Why not make a mini scrapbook or photo book with just a collection of photos of that favorite thing? It could be trips to the pool, ball games, or even something as simple as a collection of summer flower photos, like mine from last summer. Sometimes grouping “like” photos together from the course of a season, year or even several years can create more impact and are more relevant together than randomly spread throughout many pages or albums.

I am always inspired by flowers, so I seek them out and photograph them where ever we go. Most of the time I just have too many to put them all into my regular scrapbooks, and they don’t really need any text, so I love to  make picture books filled with some of my favorites! This photo book was created using Mixbook (I used an awesome coupon!), and I uploaded digital scrapbook paper from my freebie kit {Loveliness} to use for the backgrounds. Very simple, but I love the result :)!

How about you? Have you scrapbooked any collections? Something to think about as you’re snapping your summer photos this year :).

100 Days of Summer Scrapbooking {Day 1: Intro}

Even though spring isn’t officially over yet, sunshine and warm weather in my little corner of the world has me already planning ahead for sunny summer days with my family. If fitting in time for scrapbooking has been tough during the school year, I can only imagine how it will be this summer. That’s how I came up with an idea to try to motivate myself to keep up with scrapbooking throughout the summer, while *hopefully* also catching up on summer scrapbook pages I never got around to in past years.  For the next 100 Days (ending on August 26, my birthday), I plan to dedicate all posts here at Scrapbook Ideas to summer scrapbooking themes! I thought it also might be fun to share layouts from some of my older scrapbooks I’ve never shared here before :). I will not be posting every day, but when I do, you can expect to see some summer scrapbook ideas!

Care to join me? I really want to create a great source of Summer Scrapbooking Inspiration here at Scrapbook Ideas. If you have scrapbook layouts (paper or digital) with summer themes (think vacations, camp, VBS, beach, Independence Day, BBQ etc) that you’d like to share with us – please get in touch!  I’m also interested in guest posts with summer themed tutorials and inspiration. This will be so much fun :)!

OK, ready for the first “summer” scrapbook page? Actually, the photos were not taken in the summertime, they’re from October 2003, during my honeymoon in Aruba! I just thought you’d like to see a page from my first real scrapbook (not including the type I used to make growing up). Now you will see where the photo from my “About” page is from :)!

Yes, I know I’m revealing how out-of-date my about page photo is, but now you see why I love it – it reminds me of a very happy time in my life, plus it’s from my first scrapbook – how perfect is that? Gotta love looking back on those early scrapbook pages – it’s fun to see how my style has changed in the past several years :)!


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