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Free Printable Photo Box and Tutorial

Just wanted to let you all know that I updated an older Christmas tutorial from 2008 with a new freebie link (originally only available in the DST Insider)!

Click here to see the Printable Christmas Photo Box tutorial.

*Click Here for the Free Printable Photo Box Download Page*

Birthday Card Idea

Handmade Birthday Card I know, I know… for a site called “Scrapbook Ideas” there sure have been a lot of cards and other crafts here. But I think there must be enough of you out there who dabble in multiple paper crafts like I do, that I can get away with it :). Why limit yourself to only scrapbooking when there are so many other wonderful things you can do with your craft supplies? Plus I love the instant gratification of sitting down to complete a whole card from start to finish, and the joy I *hope* it will bring to the recipient. Another great benefit of expanding my horizons to include card making has been that it is a less intimidating way to experiment with new crafting techniques on a smaller scale.

A Birthday Wish (handmade card)


From Prima: Coquette Collection paper (#602017), Caliope Collection paper (#602239), Whispered Words (#812010 and #812027). Non-Prima supplies: Distress Ink by Ranger (vintage photo), chalks, stitching, glitter glue, white cardstock.


  1. Trim the patterned papers to a size just a tiny bit smaller than your card front. Cut around the floral design on the Caliope paper, removing the top portion, and adhere the lower portion to the Coquette paper. TIP: try to avoid using adhesive along the outer edges, as you will be sewing them shortly.
  2. Sew a border around the outside edge of the patterned papers, with a sewing machine as I did (for tips on machine sewing paper, check here), or by hand. If you sew by hand, it helps to pierce the holes in advance – I just place the card on an old cushioned mousepad, and use a paper piercer or needle to poke all the holes.
  3. Use chalks in coordinating colors around the outer border of the card, then ink the edge of the card and the papers.
  4. Adhere the papers to the center of the card, and adhere the card greeting to the papers.
  5. Add some glitter glue to select areas of the floral design on the Caliope paper.

Starburst Paper Tutorial, Plus Another Chance to Win!

Firstly, I wanted to let you all know that there is a contest going on at Sunshine Studio Scraps with a chance to win my Christmas Heart kit :)! Click Here to Check it Out :)!

I have been so focused on hybrid crafts that I haven’t talked much about digi scrapping lately. I finished up another page for my scrapblog book today, so I thought I’d share a quick tutorial :)!!

Scrapblog Christmas Book Page

Credits: Christmas Heart kit and Christmas Heart quick page, by Jess Gordon, available here. Fonts: Cry Kitty and Problem Secretary.

Create a Starburst Look with Solid Papers

Papers with a starburst pattern on them are so fun, and they’re great for emphasizing part of your page, as I have done in the layout above. To get this look using a simple solid paper I followed these steps:

  1. Open the solid paper in photoshop.
  2. Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, draw out some selections for the “rays” for your starburst. Draw the first ray, making a closed shape (it will have marching ants around it when you are finished). Holding down the shift key, draw the rest of the rays. You only need to draw the lighter colored rays. You can be a perfectionist and make sure all the rays meet perfectly in the center, or you can just make rough shapes like I did :).
  3. After step 2, you should have all of your light colored rays selected (outlined with marching ants). Right click inside one of the selections, and choose “layer via copy”
  4. Change the blend mode of the new layer you just created to “screen”, and adjust the opacity to your liking (I used 63% for this example).

That’s it – have fun :)!!!

Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Hybrid Christmas Star Ornament  Merry Christmas :)! You will be hearing that a lot from me this month, because this is one of the happiest times of year for me, and I like to really enjoy it and spread the joy as much as I can :)! I noticed that the Christmas Edition of The Daily Scrapper is up – check it out, you don’t want to miss this one!! As you may know, The Daily Scrapper is a FREE online newspaper filled with great articles, tutorials, inspiration and more. This month’s special edition includes two tutorials by me :). There are actually five tuts in there this month plus lots more ideas for hybrid gifts and cards. One of my tutorials shows how you can make a 3D star-shaped Christmas Tree ornament using the Golden Star Mini Album (on sale for only $1.50 right now) plus chipboard stars. If you’re feeling really creative, you could make your own star-shaped digital pages and use them with cardboard or heavy card stock if you want to just use supplies you have on hand :). Click HERE to see the full tutorial :)!

P.S. Another great reason to check out the Christmas Edition of TDS is the huge Christmas Bazaar section which is packed with special coupons, sales and of course feebies :)!!!

Hybrid Canvas Sign Tutorial (and more)

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to share my latest creations. I had a very busy week or two helping with Vacation Bible School at my church and taking care of the little guy while my husband was out of town. But I have still managed to keep scrapping and making crafty things, so I have a pile of projects I want to show you :)!  I think it will take a few posts to get through them though LOL! First of all, did you see these products from Weeds and Wildflowers? Lots of fun uses for these!!! 

Wildflower Wordart – Nature

Wildflower Wordart - Nature

Creative Buzzwords Wordart

Creative Buzzwords Wordart

Here’s a card I made using Wildflower Wordart – Nature:

Hybrid Card using WW Wordart - Nature

Credits: Wildflower Wordart – Nature (printed on vellum). Prima Flowers, Oriental Trading Company brads. Cardstock, thread and vellum.

 And here’s a sign I made for my scrap room, using Heidi’s Creative Buzzwords:

Hybrid Canvas Sign

*Click Here for Credits*

Hybrid Canvas Sign Tutorial

This sign was seriously so easy to put together, so I just have to tell you how I made it. I hope you’ll forgive me for not having step-by-step photos – I didn’t know I was going to write a tutorial for this project while I was making it :)!! But when I realized how simple it was, I knew you’d want to know the steps ;).


Creative Buzzwords Wordart (or other digital art)

Computer with a printer

ScraPerfect printing pouch

White tissue paper (the type used for gift wrap)

5″x7″ Canvas Board

Mod Podge (gloss), sponge brush

White paint (optional), tiny paint brush

Distress Ink (Vintage Photo), paper towels

Build A Frame II -Clear Stamps

Ribbon and Crop-a-dile hole punch

Large flower and floral wire (optional)

Step 1  The word “Create” I used from Creative Buzzwords Wordart is slightly larger than my 5″x7″ canvas board, so I resized it a bit, to leave a little white space around the edges. You could do this with an image editing program, or even just using your printer settings. Next I printed a test page on a piece of regular 8.5″x11″ printer paper.

Step 2 After double checking that my test image would fit nicely onto my canvas board, I placed a piece of white tissue paper over the entire test page, attaching it on all sides with tape (masking or clear). I made sure that the entire image was covered with tissue paper, and that no tape was overlapping the image.

Step 3 I prepped the tissue paper by rubbing over it with my ScraPerfect printing pouch, and shaking off the excess powder (more info on this product to come in a future post). Then I ran the paper back through the printer, in the same direction as I did the first time I printed the test image.

Step 4 When the ink on the tissue paper was completely dry, I gently removed it from the test image page, tearing away the pieces of tape. Next, I used a sponge brush to paint Mod Podge over the entire surface of the canvas board. Then I centered the tissue paper image over the board, and very carefully placed it onto the canvas. I used my fingers to lightly dab the paper into place (being careful not to tug or rub the tissue paper). I also tore some of the tissue paper away on the top and bottom edges of the canvas (making sure not to tear away any of the image).

Step 5 Once the Mod Podge had dried, I used a tiny paintbrush to paint around the inside of the printed image. This is optional, but I liked the look because it added texture, helped define the edges of the letters (previously looking a little blurred) and added to the shabby, aged look. Here’s a close-up so you can see what I mean:

Step 6 Once again, I let the sign dry completely. Then I used paper towels to rub distress ink over the entire surface of the sign. I also stamped some borders along the top and bottom edges of the sign, using the same distress ink.

Step 7 It was so easy to punch holes through the canvas using my crop-a-dile, I made one hole in each of the four corners. I threaded the ends of a piece of ribbon down through the top two holes, then up through the bottom holes, knotting the ends. Lastly, I used wire to attach a beautiful Prima flower to the top left corner of my sign (optional).

I give away almost every scrappy craft I make to my family and friends, but this little sign is just too cute to let go of! So I found a home for it in my scrap room, where it is sure to inspire my future crafting adventures :). If you’ve made something like this I’d LOVE to see it, so please link us up :)!! 







Altered Notebook Tutorial (Hybrid)

I made this notebook for my sister’s birthday a couple of months ago, but I had to wait until now to show it to you, because it was being saved for today’s Fresh Cuts Newsletter :)! Ever since I started doing hybrid scrapbooking, I have been wanting to make an altered notebook or journal. I keep seeing them everywhere, and I’m always inspired by them. So here’s my first try at it, and judging by how much fun this one was to make, I’m sure it won’t be the last! 

Click here to see my tutorial for this project at Prima Hybrid!

Hybrid Altered Notebook

Notebook Details

Open Notebook

If you’re looking for more altered notebook tips, check out this tutorial by Emily, at the Authentic Artistry blog (another AWESOME place for inspiration). Also see this thread at Prima Hybrid for some more ideas. I know I’ve seen tons of tutorials for these on other blogs too, so if you know of one, please share the link in the comments section – I just can’t get enough of these!!


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