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Where’s Jess?

Hi everyone :)! Just wanted to drop in and say thanks SO MUCH for your encouragement and support as I have been trying my hand at designing!!! I appreciate you all more than you know – and I want to say a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for purchasing my first kits!! Now that the block party at CRD is over, my kits are no longer available at this time… but I have enjoyed designing so much that I am pretty sure you can expect to see more from me in the future ;)!!!

Inside the ScrapArtist Studio with Amanda RockwellSome friends recommended this awesome class by Amanda Rockwell – so I used some of my earnings to sign up. I’m so glad I did!! It is well worth the money because you get tutorials, a forum where you can learn from other designers, and TONS of great “commercial use” downloads! I know several of you are now designing too – so I wanted to make sure you heard about this cool resource. If you sign up, make sure you tell Amanda your forum username – because that will get you quicker access. And please let Amanda know I sent you :)! Hope to see you there!

In the meantime there are always the hybrid projects, quick pages and templates I have for sale still at Christina Renee Designs and Weeds and Wildflowers – but those will be going away at the end of the year to make room for the new in 2009!

Sale Extended

Since I didn’t get a chance to blog about the Camping Out Quick Album sale until late Saturday, we have extended it through the end of today. So there’s still time to grab it for 20% off if you haven’t already :)!

Here are some more pages from the album, using photos from a hike we went on with my sister a few years ago. Yes, I’m way behind on my scrapping – better late than never, right? It made me so nervous to see my sister sitting right on the ledge like that, but isn’t it a beautiful photo?

Hope your week is off to a great start!!

Shutterfly Classic Photo Book

I’m thinking about making some new Shutterfly books and other photo projects because I recently noticed that I have several new coupons available to me for Shutterfly products through the Pampers Gifts to Grow program – YAY! Anyway, that reminded me that it’s been a while since I’ve shown you one of my Shutterfly photo books – and I have a bunch of ‘em around here that I haven’t posted about yet :)!

Today I want to show you a Shutterfly 8.5×11 Classic Photo Book I made. When I made this book, I had never scrapped in 8.5×11 format, but I had lots of layouts I wanted to print and I had a coupon for the Classic Photo Book. So I came up with a great plan – I resized my layouts to 8×8, and placed them on the pages with some typed journaling along the sides. This was perfect for my layouts, because I usually don’t put a lot of journaling on the actual page. When I print my digital layouts at home, I can add my journaling to the backs of the pages, but I can’t do that in a Shutterfly book, so being able to add it to the margin of the page was a real plus.

Here are some photos of the book:

Shutterfly’s 8.5×11 Classic Photo Book

If you look at the photos closely, you’ll notice that there is another 8.5x11book below the one I’m showing you today – I will get to the other one in a future post, but I included it so that you can compare the difference between the two covers. The book I’m talking about today has the black leather cover, and the one below it is the brown leather. The two colors are actually really close, but I prefer the brown I think.

I love the window in the front cover of the photo book, it makes the album look more inviting and helps me to quickly see which book is which when I have multiple books together in one place. The photo in the front cover window is a portion of whatever appears on the first page of the book. As you can see from image 1 above, there is a nice black cover page in between the book cover and the first page of the book. In image 2 you can see what the whole first page looks like. Shutterfly has a template you can work with when you’re creating your first page, so you will know exactly what the window in the cover will look like when you print the book (or you can just wing it and go by the online preview image you see before you order). I totally recommend using the templates offered by Shutterfly when designing your pages, it makes the whole process much easier. Here are some other tips about making a book like this one:

Shutterfly Photo Book Tips:

  • I gave the pages a black background, so they would flow nicely with the inside cover pages of the book.
  • I placed the layouts close to the inner edges of the pages, but not too close – I left a margin of black, so the edges of the layouts wouldn’t get lost in the binding (image 3).
  • With the exception of the first page, I kept the text on the outer edges of the pages, where it would be easiest to read (image 2 and image 4), on the first few pages, it isn’t as much of a problem, because the pages don’t curl into the binding the way they do toward the center of the book.

This was another fun Shutterfly project, and I love the final product! It’s always so exciting to see my digital layouts printed in a professionally bound hardcover book :).

Note: The scrapbook pages shown in this Shutterfly Photo Book were created using kits by Weeds and Wildflower Designs.

Click Here to See More of My Shutterfly Projects

Camping Out Quick Album (and a FREEBIE)

Now that summer is winding down and fall is on the way, it’s time to get your summer camping photos into a scrapbook :)! Even if you aren’t really into camping (I’m not) you still might have a lot of great outdoor photos that will be perfect for this new quick album I designed for the Weeds & Wildflowers shoppe!

(Click Here to Purchase the Camping Out Quick Album)


Sorry, no longer available.

Camping Out Quick Album available at Weeds and Wildflowers Design

I tried something new this time: two-page layouts! It was fun, and I’m happy with how they turned out. I also tried really hard to make this album as pink-free and flower-free as possible, so it will work with non-girly photos. Buuuuuut I couldn’t resist adding one set of pretty pages (if you are making a guy album you can just leave those out, OK?), AND I included two options for the cover page one with flowers and one without! Here’s a little more info about this album, as seen on the Weeds & Wildflowers site:

Here’s the perfect album for your photos of the great outdoors; camping trips, hiking, you name it! Created by Jess Gordon using mostly elements from Weeds and Wildflowers Collaboration kit: The Great Outdoors, this quick album will help you turn those photos into a keepsake scrapbook in no time.

There are 12 print-quality pages (including two cover page options, one with flowers, one without), which are pre-made for you using highly detailed papers and beautiful one-of-a-kind digital elements. This album is designed with two-page layouts in mind – there are a total of 5 two-page spreads, which will compliment each other perfectly when placed side-by side in an album.

To create your album, just place your photo(s) behind the cutouts in the .png files, and any text or additional embellishments on top, flatten – and you’re ready to print them out! This album can be printed at 8″x8″ size, or it can easily be resized for smaller albums too. A bonus campfire-themed page is included as well (not shown in the preview).

I also put together this super fun campfire quick page to go along with the album – ever since I made it, I’ve been in the mood for s’mores, LOL! Have you ever had those things? Yummy! Anyway, please grab this if you like it, it’s a freebie :). Enjoy!

Campfire Quick Page Freebie

*Click Here to Download the Campfire Quick Page Freebie*

Sorry, no longer available.

Another Fun Challenge!

*Click Here For Page Credits*

This page makes me so happy! Not just because of the bright colors and fun photo of my sister and me, but because it is the very first page I have scrapped about her miraculous life transformation – and I am soooooo proud of her and all that she has accomplished, now that she has Jesus in her life :)!!! Of course, there is a long personal story behind this page, but let’s just say that she once was lost, and now she’s found and we have a LOT to celebrate :). I was so excited to see her during my vacation, and we had the most fun together that we’ve had in the past 10+ years!

Oh yeah, the challenge –  that’s what I meant to come here and tell you about lol! I made this page for the super fun challenge going on as part of the Weeds and Wildflowers Birthday Party Bash. Everyone who enters will get a freebie and have a chance to win the new W&W Collab kit (which I used for this page), plus the challenge winner will win a $10 gift card to the shoppe! *Click here for more details* Hope you join in!

P.S. I posted some more photos from my vacation here :).

Summer Birthdays Galore!

I’m home from my vacation, and I have lots of catching up to do!! We had a wonderful time in New England, if you want to see some photos from my trip, you can check them out here (I will be adding more soon). During our vacation, we had Gabe’s second birthday party and we also had a big cook-out to celebrate all of the summer birthdays in the family (mine included). What a great trip!!!

Meanwhile, in the digital scrapbooking world, there have also been plenty of birthday celebrations and new releases too, check it out:

Shabby Miss Jenn had a birthday bash with tons of new releases!

I made this card with her huge Birthday Wishes kit – it’s just what I needed!

This fun page about the crazy contest between my husband and his friends was made with SMJ’s new Going Green kit (p.s. I know about the typo, lol) 

And Lanne has some new photo tools in the shoppe – I have been playing around with her awesome photo textures. NOTE: I am still really new to using these, so I have no idea if I’m doing it right, but I’m having fun at least LOL!

And the page above was made with Shabby Miss Jenn’s Pickled Petunias available at the super cool Aussie shop!

Shabby Princess also had some new releases while I was away!

This page is made with her new Sandbox collection, great for boy pages!!!

And my favorite collection from this new release is Gabby, which I used for the page above – there are so many great pieces in there, so go check it out to see the rest :)!

And Shabby Princess also did a collab with Gina Miller, called Fresh-n-Fruity, which is available at Gina Miller Designs. I used it to make the page above :).

Last but not least, Weeds and Wildflowers is kicking off a big birthday bash starting TODAY! There’s a big sale going on (including all of my Quick Albums)! Here’s the message from their site:

Phew! Sorry for the long post, but I think I’m all caught up now :)!!! Happy shopping ;).

Hybrid Ideas for Digital Quick Pages: Part 3 (Plus a Giveaway!)

Here’s the last installment of my three part series on ways to make hybrid scrapbook pages out of digital quick pages. If you missed them, you can find links to the other two parts at the end of this post. 

OK, lets get started :)! We have already talked about adding dimension to our pages by “popping” up certain parts of the page for a 3D effect. Now we are going to take that idea a little bit further and incorporate some layering to add even more depth and detail. Again, I apologize for my low quality photos. Trust me, the beautiful color and details of Gina’s designs as seen in the Loving You Quick Album pages look much better in real life!!

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #7: Pop Up and Layer Page Elements

You remember how we made duplicate prints of parts of our page last time, and “popped” them up with foam adhesive? Well, this time we will do the same thing, but add some embellishments sandwiched between the layers.

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Digital Steps: I added my photo and journaling to the premade Loving You Quick Album page, flattened, resized the layout to 8″x8″ inches (so it will fit into my son’s album), and printed it out on matte photo paper. THEN, this is key, using the rectangular marquee tool in Photoshop (or any other selection tool), I selected just the framed image on the left side of the page, copied the selection, and placed it onto a new 8.5″x11″ size blank document, I printed this out on matte photo paper.

Hybrid Steps: After allowing the page to dry, I cropped out the base page. I also cut out the framed photo from the duplicated portion of my page. Using foam adhesive (for a 3D effect), I adhered the framed photo above the corresponding framed photo on the page. Then I added some adhesive to the back of a flower and slipped it between the page and the “popped” frame. Now we have three layers instead of two! I added the crystal hearts and the chipboard letters and I was done (all embellishments are from

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #8: Use Digi Techniques on 3D Embellishments

When I’m digital scrapbooking, I often place text or other page elements on the very edge of my layout, so that they are partially cut off. For the page above, I used the same technique on the chipboard “e” sticker, cutting away part of the letter that extended off the page. I think borrowing techniques from one scrapping method to the other helps blur the lines in hybrid scrapbooking (plus it’s fun and sometimes unexpected)!

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #9: Create Some Digi Trompe-l’oeil

Trommpe-l’oeil, which means to “trick the eye”, is an art term for what happens when 2D art looks like it is actually “real”. On the above page the digital white lace ribbon almost looks real when layered below the two real ribbons!

Digital Steps: I added my photo and journaling to the premade Loving You Quick Album page, flattened, resized the layout to 8″x8″ inches, and printed it out on matte photo paper. Then, like before, I selected just the framed image, copied the selection, and placed it onto a new 8.5″x11″ size blank document. Along with that, I added duplicates of the circles from the bottom edge of the page. I printed these out on matte photo paper.

Hybrid Steps: When the page was dry, I cropped it out and cut out the framed photo and circles from the page of duplicate copies. I layered some Prima ribbons above the digital ribbon at the top of the page. Then, using foam adhesive, I adhered the framed photo above the corresponding framed photo on the page, making sure to leave space for the ribbons. Then I added some adhesive to the back of a flower and slipped it between the page and the “popped” frame (all embellishments are from Finally, I added foam adhesive to the backs of all of the circles and layered them along the bottom of the page.

Hybrid scrapbook page using the Loving You Quick Album from Weeds and Wildflowers

Hybrid Quick Album Idea #10…11…12… You Tell Me – GIVEAWAY :)!

OK, so I hope you have enjoyed this little series :). I know you have some great hybrid ideas to share as well, and I’d love to hear them. Have you used a digital quick page in a hybrid layout? Have you seen someone use one that way? Have you thought of trying this, but haven’t yet? I want to hear about it, so please share any tips, tricks or whatever you like about this technique by leaving a comment on this post.

One random person will be chosen to receive a free copy of The Loving You Quick Album – YAY :)! 


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More New Stuff and some Freebies :)!

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends!!! I am so excited to spend time with my family today enjoying the festivities :). But before I head out, I just wanted to pop in to let you know about ALL KINDS of fun new stuff from Shabby Miss Jenn and Weeds and Wildflowers!

Shabby Miss Jenn has a bunch of new stuff in the store including three more AWESOME kits :)!!! And it is all on sale (don’t you love all the sales going on right now?) for a limited time. Here are a few things I made with her new kits:

Island Girl

Credits: Little Kahunas kit, by Shabby Miss Jenn.

Exploring Nature

Credits: Nature Guide Kit, by Shabby Miss Jenn

She also has another great new kit, Summer Posies, but I am going to blog about the project I made with that kit in another post (you can see it now if you click here). And of course she also has some albums and blog packs to go with these new kits. SMJ also has some great new freebies (see below)! How does she do it all???

And there’s a FANTASTIC new collaboration by Heidi and Gina available at Weeds and Wildflowers Design! It’s called Doodly Patterns – Flowers, isn’t it sooo cool? I have so many ideas for this one :)!!!

Doodly Patterns - Flowers, by Weeds and Wildflowers

Here’s a card I made using this kit (plus some goodies from!

Hello CardHello Card, Open

Phew, didn’t I tell you I had a lot to show you? Now for the freebies!!

From Shabby Miss Jenn: A July desktop and a mint tin album!

From Shabby Princess: An adorable July desktop!

From Weeds and Wildflowers: A fun template (and challenge)!

And from Christina Renee: This SUPER cute Fourth of July Freebie :)!

Fourth of July Freebie at Authentic Artistry

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)!

More on My Faithbooking Journey

I know I haven’t had a faithbooking post in quite some time, so here is an update on that front :). I have still been memorizing a lot of Bible verses and I am slowly but surely getting through all of my pages inspired by the “Psalms of Ascent” Bible study (by Beth Moore). Here’s my latest faithbook page:  

Credits: Damask and Dots kit by Shabby Princess.

I have also memorized several more Bible verses and made index card sized pages for the Bible verse mini book I’m making. Still keeping with the theme of “my faith as a journey”, I decided to memorize the verses for The Romans Road. Get it ;)? Well the real reason for memorizing these is that I wanted to know them by heart in case I have a chance to share my faith with others! Here they are:

Credits: Warming the Heart  kit, by Heidi of Weeds and Wildflowers

Credits: Creating Beauty kit, by Gina of Weeds and Wildflowers

Credits: Warming the Heart  kit, by Heidi of Weeds and Wildflowers

Credits: Warming the Heart  kit, by Heidi of Weeds and Wildflowers

Credits: Creating Beauty kit, by Gina of Weeds and Wildflowers

Tip: When making these memory verse cards, I found it helpful to design them to correspond with words or themes in the Bible verses. That way, the card itself provides a visual representation of the memory verse, which helps you remember it! For example: Romans 3:23 is a dark message, so I used a lot of blue tones; I used red for Romans 5:8 to remind me of Christ’s blood poured out for us; in another one I used a heart shape to remind me that it is with our heart that we believe; and I used Gina’s fun paper dolls to represent “Everyone” for Romans 10:13.  

Well, that’s it for me tonight – I’m off to curl up on the couch and watch a movie with my honey :).

Oh, and I wanted to say a big THANKS to all of you who have emailed or commented to tell me about your own faithbooking pages and projects, I LOVE hearing about them! Keep up the good work :)!! 


Click Here To Read More About My Faithbooking Projects

Hybrid Canvas Sign Tutorial (and more)

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to share my latest creations. I had a very busy week or two helping with Vacation Bible School at my church and taking care of the little guy while my husband was out of town. But I have still managed to keep scrapping and making crafty things, so I have a pile of projects I want to show you :)!  I think it will take a few posts to get through them though LOL! First of all, did you see these products from Weeds and Wildflowers? Lots of fun uses for these!!! 

Wildflower Wordart – Nature

Wildflower Wordart - Nature

Creative Buzzwords Wordart

Creative Buzzwords Wordart

Here’s a card I made using Wildflower Wordart – Nature:

Hybrid Card using WW Wordart - Nature

Credits: Wildflower Wordart – Nature (printed on vellum). Prima Flowers, Oriental Trading Company brads. Cardstock, thread and vellum.

 And here’s a sign I made for my scrap room, using Heidi’s Creative Buzzwords:

Hybrid Canvas Sign

*Click Here for Credits*

Hybrid Canvas Sign Tutorial

This sign was seriously so easy to put together, so I just have to tell you how I made it. I hope you’ll forgive me for not having step-by-step photos – I didn’t know I was going to write a tutorial for this project while I was making it :)!! But when I realized how simple it was, I knew you’d want to know the steps ;).


Creative Buzzwords Wordart (or other digital art)

Computer with a printer

ScraPerfect printing pouch

White tissue paper (the type used for gift wrap)

5″x7″ Canvas Board

Mod Podge (gloss), sponge brush

White paint (optional), tiny paint brush

Distress Ink (Vintage Photo), paper towels

Build A Frame II -Clear Stamps

Ribbon and Crop-a-dile hole punch

Large flower and floral wire (optional)

Step 1  The word “Create” I used from Creative Buzzwords Wordart is slightly larger than my 5″x7″ canvas board, so I resized it a bit, to leave a little white space around the edges. You could do this with an image editing program, or even just using your printer settings. Next I printed a test page on a piece of regular 8.5″x11″ printer paper.

Step 2 After double checking that my test image would fit nicely onto my canvas board, I placed a piece of white tissue paper over the entire test page, attaching it on all sides with tape (masking or clear). I made sure that the entire image was covered with tissue paper, and that no tape was overlapping the image.

Step 3 I prepped the tissue paper by rubbing over it with my ScraPerfect printing pouch, and shaking off the excess powder (more info on this product to come in a future post). Then I ran the paper back through the printer, in the same direction as I did the first time I printed the test image.

Step 4 When the ink on the tissue paper was completely dry, I gently removed it from the test image page, tearing away the pieces of tape. Next, I used a sponge brush to paint Mod Podge over the entire surface of the canvas board. Then I centered the tissue paper image over the board, and very carefully placed it onto the canvas. I used my fingers to lightly dab the paper into place (being careful not to tug or rub the tissue paper). I also tore some of the tissue paper away on the top and bottom edges of the canvas (making sure not to tear away any of the image).

Step 5 Once the Mod Podge had dried, I used a tiny paintbrush to paint around the inside of the printed image. This is optional, but I liked the look because it added texture, helped define the edges of the letters (previously looking a little blurred) and added to the shabby, aged look. Here’s a close-up so you can see what I mean:

Step 6 Once again, I let the sign dry completely. Then I used paper towels to rub distress ink over the entire surface of the sign. I also stamped some borders along the top and bottom edges of the sign, using the same distress ink.

Step 7 It was so easy to punch holes through the canvas using my crop-a-dile, I made one hole in each of the four corners. I threaded the ends of a piece of ribbon down through the top two holes, then up through the bottom holes, knotting the ends. Lastly, I used wire to attach a beautiful Prima flower to the top left corner of my sign (optional).

I give away almost every scrappy craft I make to my family and friends, but this little sign is just too cute to let go of! So I found a home for it in my scrap room, where it is sure to inspire my future crafting adventures :). If you’ve made something like this I’d LOVE to see it, so please link us up :)!! 








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