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Project Idea: Think Inside the Box

Here’s a neat way to showcase a grouping of your favorite photos in a tidy little package. This project will have you thinking outside…um, I mean, inside the box!


Credits  Digital papers, letters and flowers: Shabby Citrus and Miami Beach kits from the Shabby Shoppe; LOVE paper: Sweet Sprinkles from; cardstock: DCWV; Black ink (edges): Stampin’ Up! ; other: ribbon, eyelet, box.

Basic Supplies:                            Tools:

Small cardboard box                     Paper trimmer & scissors

Photographs                                     Adhesive

Patterned paper                              Eyelet setter & hole punch

Cardstock                                          Ink (optional)

Ribbon                                               Corner rounder (optional)

Eyelets                                               Flower decoration (optional)

Letters (optional)                           Computer, software & printer (for digital option)


First, I found a small, sturdy cardboard box to hold my mini-album.  The lid to my box was already pretty and matched my papers, but you could always cover your lid with paper to make it match if need be.  The box I used was 3.5 x 3.5 inches, so I decided to make each of the panels 3.25 inches square. I used 8 panels, one side had a mini photo layout and the other side had a letter (together the letters spell “memories”). 

To make the panels, I first created 16 little layouts on the computer: 8 with a 2.5 inch square photo centered on a 3 inch square patterned paper background and 8 with a circle letter centered on a patterned paper background.  You could get the same look using regular paper if you wanted to.  I used coordinating papers and letters to give the project a unified look. Printing these layouts was so quick and easy and it only used 3 sheets of paper!

Next, I trimmed blue cardstock into 16 3.25 inch square pieces and used my trimmer to cut out my 16 mini-layouts.  Then, I used a corner rounder to round the corners of all 32 squares! I adhered each of the layouts to the center of a piece of cardstock. I then inked the edges of each panel.

To assemble the panels on the ribbon, I carefully lined up the 8 panels with the letters face down with 1/4 inch spaces in between. Make sure they are all facing the right way and are in the correct order. Next, I laid the ribbon down the center of all the panels, leaving plenty of extra to work with at each end. Then I adhered the 8 photo panels facing up on top, sandwiching the ribbon neatly in between.

To anchor the ribbon inside the box, I cut a piece of cardstock to exactly fit the bottom of the box, punched a hole in the center and reinforced it with an eyelet.  I threaded the ribbon through the eyelet and tied it off on underneath.  Then, I adhered the cardstock to the bottom of the box. 

To finish this project off, I decorated the top of the box with the LOVE paper and cute paper flower. I digitally cropped and printed the love paper, trimmed it, rounded the corners, inked it and adhered it to the top of the box.  I also had printed two flowers, cut them out, inked the edges and layered them one on top of the other.  I adhered only the centers of the flowers and curled up the petals to add dimension. Next, I punched a hole through the box top (through the center of the flower) and set an eyelet in the hole. Finally, I doubled the top of the ribbon over and tied a knot in it, creating a long loop.  I threaded the loop up though the box top (from underneath) and tied another knot on top to secure it in place.

There you have it – I hope you enjoy making this fun, one-day project as much as I did :).  Please contact me if you have any questions!

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2 responses to “Project Idea: Think Inside the Box

  1. sarah March 14, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    What a great idea! I would have been delighted to open that box on a coffee table, very fresh.

  2. andilynn April 8, 2007 at 12:14 am

    Very neat idea. I’m excited to try it out–it would look so cute with SP & Sara Carling’s–Dinner Party kit with b&w photos. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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