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This Week’s Bible Verse Quick Page

Ephesians 2 verse 10

Here’s the Bible verse I decided to memorize this week. As you can see, I am still using the quick pages made by SMJ and Dani Mogstad (by the way, I noticed that the brag book is now available at SMJ’s store).

I think I will actually make a whole mini book out of all of these memory verse pages when I’m finished with the Bible study. I have been printing them all out anyway and I love how they’re turning out :). Then maybe I can keep the mini book in a pocket in the faithbook I’m making. Just thinking out loud here… LOL! I’m lovin’ this faithbooking thing :)!!!

Celebration at Weeds and Wildflowers!

I COULD go on and on about all of the awesome things happening at Weeds and Wildflowers this weekend, but instead I will just show you the ad from their forum :). HEY! Don’t run over there yet, I have some stuff to show you first – LOL!
WW Turns One
They have tons of new products in the store, one of which is a new 4×6 brag book designed by me with Heidi’s cute little In Bloom kit :)!

In Bloom Brag Book

Can you tell that I’m in love with 4×6 quick pages lately? There are just so many possibilities with these! Here is a little hybrid book I made out of it – just for fun and I’m actually keeping this one for myself :)!

 In Bloom Brag Book Cover

In Bloom Brag Book Pages

*Click Here for Credits*

I used cardstock from one of those Mat Stacks by DCWV for the pages and adhered wide strips of regular scrapbook paper to the insides of the pages to hold the whole thing together. Hopefully you can see what I mean from the photos – if not, let me know, I can give more detailed instuctions :).

And I am also sooooo excited about all of the other new products too! Here’s the first page I’ve made from the new Grandma’s Pressed Flowers 1. I haven’t even started playing with all of the other goodies, but if you want to see what they are, check out this post at the W&W blog – and pick up two free quick pages while you’re at it ;)!
Secret Garden

*Click Here for Credits*

Another Free Template from Prima Hybrid!

*Click Here for Credits*Tiny Homemade Easter Baskets

Aren’t these little baskets ADORABLE??? A few weeks ago I noticed these gorgeous little treasures made by Laura, and I just HAD to make some of my own! Luckily, expert template maker Melinda, was sweet enough to create this super cute basket template, which is now available for FREE at Prima Hybrid – just in time for Easter :). Grab yours right here!

Quick Tip: I used double-sided matte photo paper, and printed on both sides so that the folded down scalloped edges would be pretty too :)!

Quick Page and Text Adjustment Tip

Memory Verse Card #2

*Click Here for Credits*

Just thought I’d share another Bible verse quick page I made using the brag book by SMJ and Dani. I also used a notebook element from their collab kit to fill in the empty space behind the text. And here’s a little Photoshop tip for you:

Adjusting Text for Notepaper in Photoshop

Before I learned this tip I used to resize my text by trial and error, I even made separate layers for each line of text sometimes so that I could line it up on the notepaper. This way is much easier and faster. After typing your text in the selected font and size, open the “Character” window (Window>Character) to make your adjustments.   With your text selected, hover your mouse over the “Set the Leading” icon (circled in red below). The cursor will turn into a hand with arrows pointing outward from the index finger. Click and drag to the left or right to change the distance between the lines until they line up perfectly!

Set the Text Leading in Photoshop

It’s Blog Party Time Again!

Have you met the newest Prima Hybrid Flower Girls?? We are so excited to welcome four talented new ladies to the team:

Teresa Victor - Gallery
Laura Kannady
(LauraKaye) – Gallery
Patricia Komara
(Patty K) – Gallery
Monika Martinson (Monika) – Gallery

To celebrate the new Flower Girls, we’re having a blog party this weekend with lots of free templates to share!! So after you grab my freebie below, make sure you stop by all of the other participating blogs as well (listed below)!!

Here’s my template, based on this hybrid page from a little while ago: 

Template Preview

*Click Here to Download this 12×12 Template*

This is the digital page I made with my template :).


*Click Here for Credits*

Don’t forget to stop at these blogs for more blog party freebies!

Cindy ~
Melinda ~
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Teresa ~
Danielle ~
Di ~
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Monika ~
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I believe there will be even more free templates in the Prima Hybrid Forum later today! WOW, what a list!!! Have fun  gathering all those goodies :)!!!

Another Faithbooking Idea

Remember when I was making those 4×6 cards with my weekly memory verses for a Bible study I was doing? I liked the idea so much that I have decided to keep making these, even though I have finished that study and moved on to a new one.

So here’s the latest:

New Memory Verses

And here’s the great idea that just came to me today: I used a 4×6 brag book page to make this memory verse card! I love the idea of designing all of the cards myself, but for those weeks when time is short, I plan to use these premade pages. They’re practical, quick and beautiful :).  The page I used is from this brag book by Dani Mogstad and SMJ.

I also wrote a lot more of my thoughts about these memory verses in this post.


I forgot to mention that the new Bible study I’m doing with a group of ladies in my neighborhood is called Discerning the  Voice of God, by Priscilla Shirer - it’s WONDERFUL!

Free Template and Challenge at Prima Hybrid

Just wanted to share the little gift box I made with the latest free template from Prima Hybrid :). You can pick up the template here. And if you use it, be sure to enter it into this week’s challenge for a chance to win!

Flower Box - Free Template

*Click here for credits*

Tips and Tricks

  • Rather than using digital paper to decorate my box template, I decided to just add some digital elements randomly scattered over the box, leaving empty white spaces in between.
  • For extra color, I added some pretty designs with acrylic stamps. I also wrote some little sentiments on the box, using pens with matching ink colors.
  •  I finished off the box by adding a few chipboard decorations and a nice big flower, for depth and texture :)!

I hope you try one of these, I had fun making mine :)!

Weeds and Wildflowers News

I have LOTS of news from Weeds and Wildflowers to share :)! First of all, Heidi Williams has a new release called Everyday Bliss available at Prima Hybrid including:

Everyday Bliss Paper Pack
Everyday Bliss Paper Pack

Everyday Bliss–Journaling Bits
Everyday Bliss--Journaling Bits

Everyday Bliss Element Pack
Everyday Bliss Element Pack

And since there is a template challenge going on at Weeds and Wildflowers, I joined in and made this page with Everyday Bliss and Angie’s free template:

Old Mill

*Click here for credits*

Oh, and have you checked out the new Weeds and Wildflowers Forum? Fun fun!

Gina Marie Huff has a new release too! This kit, A Breath of Fresh Air, was available to Scrapbook Dimensions Magazines readers, and now it is for sale at Prima Hybrid :)!

A Breath Of Fresh Air – Paper Pack

A Breath Of Fresh Air – Elements
Breath of Fresh Air Elements

I have had this kit for a while now, and I used it to make a birthday gift for my sister (back in January) AND I even used it to make the wrapping paper! Here are some pics of the wrapped gifts (the flowers and lace are all by Prima):

Hybrid Gift Wrap

Hybrid Gift Wrap Detail

Hybrid Wrapped Gifts

I really love making my own unique wrapping paper! If you want to know how I make hybrid gift wrap, check the very end of this post: Homemade Christmas.

And if you’re wondering what the gift was, look for it in the next Fresh Cuts Newsletter – the project and tutorial will be featured in there :).

Have a nice week!!

Ideas for Handmade Valentine’s Gifts

**Update: I know many of you visiting for the first time this year or returning after seeing this post a few years ago are interested in the templates for the projects below, but sadly, they have been discontinued since they first came out in 2008!  I hope you enjoy the inspiration anyway, and you can still find some great free candy box templates elsewhere online by doing a quick google search for “candy box template”. Have fun!**

I have been SUPER busy making all kinds of hybrid Valentine’s gifts lately! I would have posted some of these earlier, but I have been too busy getting everything finished in time to be mailed out today :). Don’t forget to check out the credits for these - lots of the supplies I used are available at

OK, it’s show-and-tell time!

Candy Boxes (free template here)

Candy Boxes

I loved making these adorable little candy boxes! The free template was created by Cindy, one of the ultra talented Prima Hybrid Flower Girls :). The template and Cindy’s tutorial were featured in the Prima Hybrid Newsletter. You can still grab the template right here. Also check out this tutorial written by Kristin. How fun!

Chipboard Album

I really, really enjoyed making this little album!! the process totally reminded me of when I used to make collage art back in high school. I just let myself have fun and I added layers and layers of printed digital papers, photos, printed transparencies, leather flowers, printed vellum – you get the idea. I even added some pink ink where needed, it is a Valentine’s gift after all :). And since the album itself was the Valentine’s card, I added a letter to each page so that the whole album spells out “Happy Valentine’s Day”! Are you thinking “Gee – that’s a pretty extravagant Valentine’s card”? If so, I just wanted to let you in a little secret – you can buy these little albums from Oriental Trading Company for about the same price as a regular Valentines card! I love the instant gratification of making the whole album from start to finish in one day too!

“I Love You Because” Index Cards

I Love You Index Cards

When I saw the bonus word art in this quick album kit by Heidi, I instantly thought of this simple (yet fabulous) little project! I just printed out one of the “I Love You Because” designs on each 4×6 index card, added my own doodles and decorations and some quick love notes on the back. I have been leaving them around the house for my hubby  – one for each day of the week leading up to Valentines Day :)!

“My First Scrapbook” Gift

First Scrapbook Inside

I LOVED this idea when I saw Mariquita’s project in the Shabby Shoppe Gallery! My seven year old niece is getting interested in scrapbooking, so I made her this little scrapbook to encourage her :). I printed out the blank pages from Heidi’s quick album, plus some of the frames and hearts. Then I just added the pages to the blank scrapbook, and sent some frames, flowers and hearts she can use to decorate her book. She’s going to love it :)!

Chocolate Boxes (free template here)

IOD Chocolate Boxes

All the work was already done for me with these boxes! The template by Iron Orchid Designs comes pre-decorated! And there are even built-in spots for those little jewels from Prima Hybrid, but I couldn’t get my hands on them in time, so I improvised with some flower petals cut into heart shapes. The boxes were designed to fit 3 See’s chocolate bars, but I put two Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bars in and they fit nicely.

Mini File Folder Album

File Folder Album

File Folder Album (inside)

Melinda was sweet enough to send me a few of her templates to try, and I loved this little file folder album! It is on sale right now too ;)! I made two of these and I had fun mixing lots of bright, bold colors and patterns. These photos don’t do the papers justice – trust me!

Prima Hybrid Grand Opening Blog Party!

There’s a Grand Opening Celebration at Prima Hybrid Today!

25% off everything, challenges, freebies, chat, and more…

Click here to find out more at the Prima Hybrid Forums!

So some of the Flower Girls (Prima Hybrid Creative Team) are hosting a blog party to help celebrate :)! We are each giving away a FREE 8×8 digital template or quick page.

Here’s mine (click here to download)! Don’t miss the links to the other Flower Girl blogs with free templates listed at the end of this post!!

FREE Template

This template was inspired by my hybrid layout L O V E (click for credits):


L O V E Details:

L O V E Details

Tips and Tricks:

  • I printed a beautiful digital design by Vera Lim on textured cardstock for the background of my page.
  • When I distressed the black and white photos (printed in a photo lab) with sandpaper and scratched them with a needle other color layers were exposed.
  • I used circle punches to highlight special details from a few color photos.
  • The verse was stamped onto vellum paper, and the word “Love” was printed onto another piece of vellum paper, then I layered the two to create an elegant effect.

I know some of you are afraid to leave empty “white space” areas on your pages, but I really think that’s what makes this design work, especially when using the big swirls!

Here is a digital page I made with this template (click here for credits):

Grandma Loves You

I hope you enjoy this template :)! Make sure you stop at the other Flower Girl blogs listed below to pick up some more great templates. And if you use them with products from Prima Hybrid, please share your creations with us in the Prima Hybrid Gallery!

Andrea: (template)
Julie Ann: (quick page)
Danielle: (template)
Jess (that’s me)! (template)
Kristin: (template)
Amy: (template)
Melinda: (template)

(NEW!) AND Cathy: (template)


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